Nanjin. Meets the shore and temporarily exceeds 4 times

Henderson (00012) Aberdeen Nanjin. To meet the shore, it is expected that about 15 groups will be introduced next week. There will be room for 5% to 10% price increase. It will be sold before the Easter holidays and it will now receive more than 250 votes, which will temporarily exceed 4 times.

5 to 10% increase in space before Easter

On Monday, the developer announced the first batch of 50 price lists, with a combined price of less than 4 million yuan, attracting a total of more than 250 votes, of which about 20 votes were agent votes.

According to Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency (1) Department, the market responded well. It is expected that no less than 15 gangs will be promoted next week, and the space for price increase will be about 5% to 10%. There is an opportunity to upload sales arrangements at the same time. On the day (ie before the Easter holiday).

Two groups of specialty units

Lin Damin revealed that the two groups of characteristic units provided by the project have the opportunity to sell in tender form.

The two groups are the top floor of the 29th floor, Room A, with open roofs, and the third floor, Room A, with two flats. The former has a built-up area of ​​314 square feet, with 112 square feet of platform and 240 square feet of rooftops; the latter has a saleable area of ​​493 square feet. , even the 598 sq. ft. platform.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential division of Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that the United States is expected to raise interest rates by 0.25 percent, but it will have little impact on Hong Kong. Bank flooding, and the recent appearance of mortgage grabbing, will make mainstream banks less likely to follow.