PARK YOHO Genova first batch of 138% discounted 580 million from the market price + a variety of plans to freeze Yuen Long second-hand purchasing power

Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova sells the first batch of 138 flats at discounted prices. The discounted fee is 5,801,000 from the two tenants. The developers will push a variety of payment and mortgage schemes. The agent will freeze the purchasing power of the area.

Fold price of 10468 from the fastest push next week

(00016) Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova (Jun Luan 2A) yesterday announced the first price list, the first batch of 138 all belong to the 2, the first round of the new market, 3 units of units, open units are not yet launched. Pricing is priced at $ 6,906,000 to $ 12.26 million and priced at $ 12,462 to $ 15,033.

Four new payment methods, which is the payment method for the maximum discount rate of 16%, the most flat admission unit discount price from 580.1 million, 15B seat for the lower two-bedroom units, an area of ​​526 square feet; The most expensive property price of 10.253 million yuan, belonging to the 30A high-rise 3-bedroom units, an area of ​​827 square feet. As for the bulk of the unit price is between 10,468 to 12,628 yuan, the first batch of market capitalization of 1.17 billion yuan, the market value of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Open the future of the next few days to vote

Xintian Deputy Managing Director Thunder, the first batch of units is the “city starting price", with the same district second-hand housing discount, the fastest next week to sell, he also refers to the current well-off Hong Kong, economic stability, Home business; new agent Chen Hanlin, general manager, said the demonstration unit from the open, the next few days began to vote.

The new payment scheme will be described as inclusive, including the 120% floor which has been launched by loan “King’s Key Plus" (only for those who have already used the property), but this loan period is shortened to 2 years, but the interest rate For the fixed interest 1.88%, the period only for the interest rate; In addition, the developer is also interested in buying 2 to 3 groups of large hand family, the introduction of ad hoc payment method, the buyer in the basic discount, each unit additional up to 7% To 11% of the rebate (the return rate depends on whether the buyer has a property), for the buyer to reduce the cost of the market, in order to speed up the goods.

According to the data, the same period of Jun Luan 1A to 1C period, as of yesterday recorded a total of 981 registered, the average transaction price of 10,907 yuan per square foot; as for the adjacent Erlan second-hand price of about 11,400 yuan, reflecting PARK YOHO Genova first price and The same area close, pricing competitive.

District agency said that the project price is lower than the same area second-hand market price, coupled with the lack of new market this month, many prospective buyers have been waiting for a new project supply, the time the disk offer competitive, with different payment methods And mortgage concessions, it is beneficial to redeem funds into the market, which is bound to freeze the second-hand purchasing power of Yuen Long.