New ground Genova cost of 11,500 push 138 partners PARK YOHO series devaluation of the most expensive two room admission fee of 5.8 million

(0016) Yuen Long Kam Tin PARK YOHO Genova (PARK YOHO2A period, hereinafter referred to as Genova), the official offer, the most popular 138 after deducting the maximum 16% discount, the average price of 11,550 yuan, relative to the previous sale of Jun Luan 1A PARK YOHO Venezia, Sicilia devaluation of the average price of more than 10,000 yuan, ranging from 6% to 13% range, for the PARK YOHO series of the highest average price of the highest price; Million, practical more than 200 square feet open mini-households, no debut. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin, can only children

Consolidated market news, since June recorded a deal of about 600, compared to 1 to 5 months, the monthly record of more than 1,300 to 2700 transactions, significantly lower; the industry that if Genova and the end of this month, So that the number of transactions in this month rose to about 1,000 cases.

To provide up to 120% of the mortgage after two years to be repaid

In order to attract the attention of the market, the new site to launch a maximum of 120% of the mortgage, but Genova this time called King’s Key 120 plus plan, fine-tuning of similar projects in the past; if the buyer is not full of property, no income review, (For 3 years), the interest rate is 1.88% for the fixed rate, and 2.8% for the previous P (P is now 5%). In the past for the first year), the principal two years later once again. As for the Genova devaluation of the 138 people, the average real size of 13,750 yuan (62 2 rooms, 76 3 rooms), if the deduction of up to 16% discount, fold real average real $ 1.15 million.

Thunder: Pricing is more expensive than used

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder (round chart) stressed that Genova pricing than the second has a certain discount, and described as “the city starting price"; new agent Chen Hanlin, general manager of the new pricing market value of 1.168 billion yuan, the fastest Weekly sale.

New Park in late 2015 to July last year launched the PARK YOHO series of real estate, the first average of 10,200 yuan to 10,800 yuan, showing Genova for the same series of the most expensive price, more than the previous period of about 6% to 13% , Genova devaluation of the average price, with Venezia, Sicilia last batch of units sold average price of 11,000 to 1.2 million yuan similar. However, if the same department of Yuen Long City Center Grand YOHO 2 in January this year, the most devaluation of 14,400 yuan compared to the low about two percent, I believe that the location factor is reflected.

Buy 2 to 3 buyers with stamp duty rebate

The new property is also available for purchase of 2 to 3 couples, with stamp duty rebates; the first property price of $ 8.5 million or more will be subject to a 7% stamp duty rebate for the first property and 8% for the second property 10% of the rebate (depending on whether the buyer has held the same property), the third property will be 9% or 11% rebate. As in the past, the new site will provide up to 90% for certain occupants, while the rest of the buyers will be able to take 80% of the cost of the property.