New Yuen Long to build the kingdom half a year to sell 2800 group

Yesterday to fold real 11,500 yuan debut Yuen Long Kam Tin PARK YOHO Genova new land (0016), in recent years has become Yuen Long area “landlord”. Excluding Genova, since November 2015, the new site has launched six projects in the region, over the past year and a half to at least 6,800 sales, cash more than 20 billion yuan.

PARK YOHO Department of sale about a thousand guards

(PARK YOHO Venezia (1B), PARK YOHO Sicilia (1C period); the above three projects (PARK YOHO Venezia (1B), PARK YOHO Sicilia (1C period); the above three projects A total of 1027 partners, is now tired to sell about 1000, is estimated to cash about 6.5 billion, of which 1B, 1C standard stratified units have been nearly clear bags, the project recently traded an average of 6.2 million to 14,000 yuan Even platform or rooftop special households).

As for the new Yuen Long city center heavy gun Grand YOHO, the project first in August last year when the sale, the first round of sales received more than 17,000 tickets, after 1997, the new disk ticket king, the total 1128 Has been close to selling, smoking about 90 billion yuan, only a small number of special households for sale.

Grand YOHO received 17,000 votes

As for the sale of this year in January GrandYOHO2 period, also accumulated sales of about 300, accounting for more than 826 more than three percent, the current temporary closure, estimated cash of about 3 billion yuan.