Wheat flower Chenchen second-hand turnover of the main road erosion of 1.3 million

the property market is hot, but some half of the new record for trading. Mong Kok Maihua Chenchen first recorded second-hand transactions, that is, “bleeding" transactions, there are 1 room owners, holding 2 years of real about 1.3 million yuan. Market news refers to the above-mentioned Maihua Chenchen 1B high-rise G room, the practical area of ​​380 square feet, take 1 room interval, to 7.5 million yuan change hands, real feet 19,737 yuan for the first sale of the first house.

1 house 7.5 million easy hand with the amount of printing 17%

It is reported that the original owners in May 2015 to 7.73 million yuan to the developer nine built (0034) purchase, to the developer’s financial company to do a press, and after four times by the unit, the unit is now transferred to the book Has been swallowed 230,000 yuan, if together with 10% additional stamp duty (SSD), material is about 1.3 million yuan or 17%.

Hong Kong Island East Indicator House Tai Koo Tsuen recorded 6 transactions this month; although the transaction quiet, but the transaction price has continued to record high, even if the estate is the oldest, a group of nearly 40 years of Green Lake Taiwan 2 housing , The price is also the first break 10 million yuan. Midland Chief Executive Manager Wu Zhaoji said that the Greenhouse Taiwan Poyang Court with rooftop 2 rooms featured households, the effective area of ​​583 square feet (building 678 square feet) to 10.3 million yuan turnover, real 17,667 yuan (15,192 yuan) Traded at the same time a new high of 2 rooms; the original owners in December 2010 to 5.45 million yuan to buy, book profit of 4.85 million yuan or nearly Jiucheng.

Tai Koo Tsuen 40 years 2 rooms sold 10.3 million

Public housing is still available in the market. The Tseung Kwan O HOS flats are open to over $ 14,000. Century 21 Branch Manager Wei Shiliang said the above Baoming Court B Block 5, the practical area of ​​213 square feet (283 square feet of construction) to 3.05 million yuan (land premium) transactions, real 14,191 yuan (build 10,777 yuan) ; Units are sold for rent, although no land and air, but still sold at high prices, foot price in addition to a new house height, more New Territories housing high, it is learned that new buyers for investors. To the current monthly rent of 9,000 yuan, can enjoy 3.5% rate of return; the original owners in November 2013 to 200 million (paid land) to buy, holding more than three and a half, the book profit of 1.05 million yuan or more than five percent.

Jinglin village unit sold 4.86 million public housing high

Another Tseung Kwan O public housing estuary village units to 48.65 million yuan changed hands, topped the territory of public housing Wang Yajun throne. The Land Registry shows that the practical area of ​​443 sq ft at King Lam House, King Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, is trading at $ 4.685 million ($ 10,982) at the price of $ 10,982 in real terms. The The original owners in June 2001 to 188,000 yuan (not land premium) to buy, material land premium will still be able to get good profits. As for the most expensive records of public housing in Hong Kong, Shatin is the village, and the price is as high as $ 5 million.