Illegal construction of illegal buildings to promote criminal

In recent years, more and more industrial units illegally changed to residential housing rental. Development Board and Buildings Department to submit a document to the Legislative Council Panel on Development to amend the Buildings Ordinance to recommend to use or knowingly allow others to use the premises, premises, tenants, The tenant, the person in charge or the owner; and assisting the instigator to impose criminal sanctions to enhance the deterrent. However, the Administration has pointed out that residents who live solely on industrial buildings and do not own industrial buildings are vulnerable and suggest that such persons be exempted from such persons.

Investigation of the power of the department

In order to strengthen law enforcement efforts, the Administration also proposes to amend the Ordinance to include the powers of the Buildings Department to inform the Buildings Department of the investigation. Where the Buildings Department reasonably believes that the premises are used for illegal domestic use, the court applies for court orders to enter the building.

Under the existing system, as long as the statutory order of the recipient to comply with the order issued by the Building Authority, they are no longer required to use or knowingly allow others to use the illegal use of residential premises for legal liability. Therefore, before the illegal use is often exposed, the Ordinance is not sufficient to enable the owner to cease to rent out its premises for illegal living purposes and to earn benefits in the process. Therefore, it is necessary to add specific provisions to improve the resistance. Scare.

Members of the Legislative Council, Mr Yen Kau-keung, said that the Government’s approach was fruitless and that it was difficult to deal with legal issues and deteriorate social problems. At present, the public living in the housing or building is forced by the helpless, due to lack of public housing, rehabilitation is only a temporary solution.