Li Ka-shing again retired long and: no timetable

Cheung Kong Hutchison Industrial (00001) and Cheung Kong real estate (01113) Chairman Li Ka-shing’s bar to bar arrangements, once again aroused market attention. “Wall Street Journal" quoted the news that Li Ka-shing may retire before the 90th birthday next year, and transferred to long and senior adviser.

Long and Li Ka-shing (right) earlier that if he decided to retire, Li Ze Ju (left) will replace himself in the company’s position. (Data picture)

“Mr Lee has in the past referred to the retirement plan and his confidence in the leadership of the long and vice chairman Li Ze Ju, who is very healthy and has no exact retirement schedule, Decided the exact retirement schedule, will be officially announced.

Stock price by steady bar impact material micro

There are securities industry officials pointed out that even if Li Ka-shing comprehensive cross-bar, its long and the Department of a slight impact, but does not rule out the long and the Department will continue to reorganize the action. Long and the main shares of the performance was not significantly affected. Long and yesterday fell 0.20%, real estate rose 0.73%, the Yangtze River Infrastructure (01038) did not fall, electricity industry (00006) closed up 0.07%.

According to the Wall Street Journal quoted the news that Li Ka-shing recently, including his son Li Ze giant, including the long and management revealed that intends to 90 years old next year before the official retired long and chairman, and transferred to the company’s senior adviser. Reported that Li Ka-shing after retirement, he will continue to retain the office building in the 70th floor of the Yangtze River Group Center, and quoted the person familiar with the matter, Li Ka-shing will continue to make important decisions on the long and the Department.

Li Ka-shing disclosed his family trust distribution arrangements for the past 12 years and made a reorganization of the century in January, reorganizing the company into an independent long and long real estate, as well as long-term construction and power The merger plan was interpreted as preparing for the retiring head and the chairman. When he was asked about his retirement plan in his long and performance press conference in March this year, he also responded to “if he had not considered retirement or was a lie," he said, “there is no problem at any time."

When attending the shareholders’ meeting in May, Li Ka-shing also showed that if he decided to retire, Li Zegong would replace his position in the company, and whether he would not have any effect on the company. He has repeatedly pointed out that after his retirement, will still focus on his name under the foundation of the business.

Yao Cai Securities Research Director Yao Yiuhui that Li Ka-shing is already high, retirement is only sooner or later, the market has long been expected, due to long and the company’s business has long been on track, believe that retirement news and long business impact.