Tai Gucheng two rooms with the roof to sell more than ten million

Although the second-hand trading down, but there is no signs of property prices down, especially the two room units most sought after. Quarry Bay Tai Shucheng a rooftop principle of two-bedroom units to more than 10 million yuan to sell. The other six people in the field of Qin Tian 8 to 873 million to change hands, practical foot price of more than 17,000 yuan, the same high-level units of the same two-bedroom units.

Second-hand housing prices hit record highs. (Data picture)

Tai Koo City, a Cuihu stage at the end of the record was less than 7 million yuan trading. The United States Wu Zhaizhi said the same period Poyang Court Tiantai households, the practical area of ​​583 square feet, with sea view and decoration, the opening price of 11.5 million yuan in May, after the sale price of 10.3 million yuan, the effective price of 17,667 yuan, About 89%. While the same period Dongting Court similar standard households, last month for only 8.38 million yuan.

Qin shore 8 sales of 873 million new high

Demand for self-use, two-bedroom units by holding. Zhongyuan Zhao Jinchang said, Qin shore 8, 2 high-rise F room, the useful area of ​​509 square feet, after the bargain reduced by 70,000 yuan, with the same district visitors to 873 million purchase, practical price of 17,151 yuan, New high prices, the unit appreciated about 46.2% for five years.

News that the first area of ​​Shatin City, the first two cities in the middle G room, priced at 4.85 million yuan, 14,832 yuan for practical price.

On the car to continue high prices into the market. Zhongyuan He Xin said, Sheung Shui Huang Fu Shan 1 high-rise room B, was on the car to 58.5 million purchase, practical price of about 11,939 yuan footage. Expected a similar two-room high.

Even if the single building is also robbed. Midland Property Zhang Guocheng said, Yuen Long Yifa Building in the middle D room, on the trainer “a price" to 3.13 million purchase, practical price of 12,421 yuan per square foot. Units about six times the appreciation of about 1.3 times.