72% HOS flats posted a record 250 million

In the first five months of 2017, HOS retail sales were registered at $ 250 million and 24% of the total amount of $ 145 million, up 72.6% year-on-year, according to Huang Liangsheng, Senior Co-Director of Centaline Property Research. The year-on-year increase in the amount recorded in 2016 is a record low, so the year-on-year increase in 2017 is quite significant, but it is believed that the total value for the year is still at a distance from the historical high of $ 1.16 billion in 1997. Newspaper reporter comprehensive report

Zhongyuan Huang Liangsheng pointed out that the number of cases registered in the first five months of 2017 was that of Ma On Shan Fu Po Garden and Fanling Rongfu Center. There were also 3 registrations, totaling $ 4.88 million and $ 4.8 million respectively. There were also two registrations in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, Tai Po Plaza, Tai Po Plaza and Ma On Shan Fu On Garden, totaling $ 39.8 million, $ 34.4 million, $ 32.52 million and $ 4.35 million respectively.

On a monthly basis, the total recorded value of the four registrations was $ 2,263 million in May, representing a decrease of 42.9% and 74.2% respectively against the 7 cases and $ 87.68 million in April. In April, there were three registrations valued at more than $ 10 million, pushing up the base so that the amount in May fell significantly. The number of cases has been 27 consecutive months less than 10 levels, an average of only about 5 per month.

636 cases of total residential parking

In addition, Huang Liangsheng pointed out that the total residential car sales contract registration (including primary and secondary) recorded a total of 8,690 million yuan in May, compared with 707 cases and 1.038 billion yuan in April, down 10% and 13.8% respectively. The The figure is from February this year, 614 and 884 million yuan, a record three-month low. Although the second-hand parking position was smooth and prosperous, but because of the primary supply of new parking spaces significantly reduced, drag the overall decline in residential parking, registration volume fell for two months.

On the one hand, 134 contracts were recorded for the sale and purchase of residential flats in May 2001, representing a total value of $ 242 million, down by 32.7% and 39.5% respectively from 199 and $ 400 million in April. The first-hand figure was a record low of eight months since September 19 and $ 156 million in September 2006. Reflecting the lack of new trains in the market for sale, resulting in a significant decline in sales of first-class parking spaces.

On the second hand, in May 2017, there were 502 registered and used contracts for the sale and purchase of second-hand residential spaces, worth 653 million yuan. The number of cases compared with April 508 slightly 1.2%, while the amount of $ 638 million in April rose 2.4%, is the first in January this year, 783 million yuan after the four-month high. Showing the property market continued to flourish, parking demand ardent, and parking lot much sought after, to stimulate second-hand parking to maintain a stable and active.

Haojing Garden parking more than 20 million yuan

In May 2001, the largest number of residential flats for residential flats was a deluxe garden in Tsuen Wan, with a total of $ 2,002.5 million. Sha Tin Jiu Long Shan and Ma On Shan Ying Ying, each recorded 16 cases, tied for second, respectively, the total value of 30.7 million yuan and 2,966.5 million. Wan Chai and the Lai Chi Kok Mei Fu Village, each with 15, tied for third place, totaling $ 46.1 million and $ 21.82 million respectively.

In the area of ​​zoning statistics, the number of registered residential spaces was recorded in the New Territories in May 2017, with a total value of $ 512 million. Kowloon District recorded 146 cases, worth 222 million yuan. Hong Kong records 85 registered, worth 161 million yuan.