Leighton owners earn more than twenty thousand five leave

Liu Yulin, said the market recently recorded a Happy Valley Leighton Hill 1 high-rise C room of a second-hand transaction, the practical area of ​​about 1,128 square feet, construction area of ​​about 1,485 square feet, the unit is three Two suites with a suite and workers suite interval, looking outside to enjoy the view of the stadium. The original price of the owners was $ 42 million, down by $ 3.5 million, or about $ 8.5 million, resulting in trading of about $ 38.5 million, equivalent to about $ 34,131 in real terms and $ 25,926 in construction area.

It is understood that the original owner in November 2000 to 1,259.4 million purchase of the above units, holding the goods so far successfully resale, book profit of about 2,590.6 million, more than 2 times the price.

Liu Yulin also refers to Leighton Hill since June has been temporarily recorded in a second-hand sale of the case. At present, about 21 flats are available for sale. The minimum bid is $ 31 million.

Taiyou City special households 10.30 million sale

In addition, the Central Plains real estate Chen Biao said, Taikoo Shing recorded 7 transactions in June, of which two traded lower price, so this month the average practical price fell to 16,000 yuan.

The bank to promote the transaction unit for the ancient city of Poyang Court with rooftop special characteristics, the practical area of ​​583 square feet, construction area of ​​678 square feet, two rooms with about 460 square feet of rooftop, sit and enjoy the sea. Owners to 10.3 million yuan to change the unit, equivalent to the average utility price of 17,667 yuan, is the market price.

Chen Biao said, buyers belong to the user, love units for the rooftop characteristics of households, beautiful landscape. The original owners in February 2011 to 5.45 million yuan to buy units, holding 6 years, the book profit of 4.85 million yuan, the unit appreciated 89%.