Airport consumption of 7 billion yuan expansion of the extension of the bridge to connect the North Satellite Gallery on the 4th car park turned complex building

To cope with the increasing volume of passenger traffic, the Airport Authority will spend $ 7 billion on airport expansion and optimization projects, including the expansion of a passenger terminal, an increase of more than 40 passenger registration counters, etc. A 12-storey complex and plans to build a “Sky Corridor” with a length of about 200 meters to connect Terminal 1 and North Satellite Passenger Corridor to replace the original feeder bus. AA said that the whole project completed by the end of 2020, the investment budget all from the Bureau of internal funds, will not be passed on to the cost of passengers.

The Airport Authority Chief Executive Officer Lam Tin Fung said yesterday that with the completion of the third runway, the airport’s passenger traffic at 2024 will be increased from 80 million to 10 million to 90 million The need to expand and upgrade existing facilities, with the development of the airport after the expansion of the overall area will increase by about 90,000 square meters.

Lin Tianfu: 2024 passengers up to 90 million

The first passenger terminal will be expanded northward with more than 40 passenger registration counters and two luggage check-ups, which will also be widened to provide more seating and catering facilities. On the 4th parking lot, a 12-storey complex will be built to provide about 1,400 parking spaces and set up by the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and the Airport Kindergarten. Relevant preliminary works are underway and are expected to be completed in 2009.

The AA also plans to build a “Sky Corridor” linking the Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Passenger Gallery, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year and will be completed in 2020. The flyover is about 200 meters long and is equipped with “moving walkways”. It takes about ten minutes to walk. Mr Lam said that there were about four hundred buses on a daily basis to pick up 14,500 passengers and passengers to the Terminal 1 and North Satellite Passenger Corridors. It is expected that the completion of the flyover will completely replace the feeder bus service.

The 28-meter “Sky Corridor” will allow the largest A380 aircraft to slide under the bridge. The AA intends to set up a viewing platform and restaurant at both ends of the bridge to allow visitors to enjoy the views of the airport. North satellite passenger corridor in the past repeated batch of traffic inconvenience, was asked to open for many years before the additional feeder bridge, Lin Tianfu explained that the passenger corridor built early passenger volume is not, “may not be good early, may be a waste” Due to time.

Two boarding gate next to the play area

In addition, the East Lobby in the restricted area of ​​the No. 1 passenger building is also being expanded to include children’s play areas and open-air gardens near the 20 and 21 gate gates. They will also study the theme of greening, arts and smart technology. Gate, and even provide gate service. To reduce the impact on visitors, the relevant works will be carried out as far as possible in the evening, Lin Tianfu said the opportunity to make the cost increase, the main project investment budget of about seven billion yuan, all from the AA internal funds will not affect the three Financing, will not pass on the cost of passengers.