Liu Kaiwei dismissed 28.51 million to buy Wan Chai commercial buildings

Recently, the property market performed well, celebrity frequency out of buying, in addition to residential, the more roar quasi commercial buildings, artists Liu Kaiwei purchase Wan Chai Shun Fung International Center full floor, priced at more than 28.51 million yuan.

Land Registry data show that the address for the Queen’s Road East, on the 22nd Shunfeng International Center on the 26th floor, the end of last month to 2,815,184 yuan turnover, the new buyers Zhuo Bo International Limited , The company director Liu Kaiwei, reported to the West half of the city of Baocheng building a unit, the unit is his wife Yang Mi, two years ago to 59.8 million purchase, as a self-occupied use.

The 26th floor of the above-mentioned SF International Center, the original owner in January to January to 22.28 million purchase, holding for four years, the book profit of 62.22 million yuan, the property appreciation of about two Into eight. The agency said that the unit area of about 22.28 square feet, easy to hand price calculation, each square foot 11,800 yuan, the market price level, the Xiamen City, the value of about 27 yuan lease, expected return two Half.