Luo Qirui: only three brothers and father to meet

There are reports cited with the late founder Luo Ying Shoujiang country’s Eagle Jun old courtier said that Luo Jiarui not only saved the family business, but also the eagle into now sixty million net worth of the biggest hero. Luo Jiaqiu Luo Qirui said this, “people go to work, do not engage in people friends," also refers to the two old courtiers even the father room are not admitted, the words of their own every day at 4:30 pm and two Brother Luo Kongrui, Luo Jiarui together with my father to meet, and other staff presence. He stressed that there is the father of the first eagles today, Langham Square and other core areas, all rely on the father was the end of the year, lay the foundation for today’s rich assets.

Luo Qirui for HSBC Trust last year suddenly did not listen to my mother was puzzled, he pointed out that the parents had set up family trust, aimed at protecting their children with the interests of future generations, my mother’s contribution to the family fund the largest, there is nothing to listen to my mother, Book court. Channel words, if the justice of the people, please listen to my mother, do filial piety children.

For some people that Luo Qirui in his father (○ six years) after the death of the sale of eagle shares, he explained that his company in the development of the mainland needs funds, absolutely poor financial difficulties, in fact, as early as the previous year (○ five years) To sell cash. However, because the eagle Jun is tilting Diao, and he as an executive, of course, do not live, so until the six years, his father Xianyou, and Diao Diao also dumped the first to sell goods, the time on the Department of coincidence The

He admitted that from the fine to the majority of respect with the worship of the third brother Luo Jialui, but also know the canal nature of the disease, so the transfer of shares of 畀 channel. He recalled that in 1997 the Department of real money to carry their own money for the eagle shares, and ○ six years of reduction of eagle Jun, most of them are from the year’s rights shares.