To the effect of the United States Bank Center recorded more than 100 million turnover

Central Meridian King after the birth of a move to accelerate. News that the Central Bank of America Central Bank units to more than 100 million yuan turnover, foot price of nearly 34,000 yuan. In addition, Wan Chai Harbor Center also recorded foot price of more than 30,000 yuan break the top deal.

Market sources said the Central Bank of America Center 21 to 22 rooms, an area of ​​about 3,184 square feet, to about 108 million yuan turnover, about 33,920 yuan per square foot, the unit with sea view, to Kyrgyzstan transactions, the price is also ideal. Central Meili Road parking lot to 50,000 yuan per foot after the transaction, many Jiajia owners to increase the price and the closure, after 1 month, the recent transaction began to increase, as recently, the global building full floor to about 600 million yuan change hands.

Harbor Center 3952 feet per square foot over the top

In addition to Central China, Wan Chai Mansion also recorded high-priced transactions, the news that the Wan Chai Harbor Center Middle 10 to 11 rooms, an area of ​​about 3,952 square feet, to about 120 million yuan, about 30,364 yuan per square foot, The It is understood that, due to the Xiamen to enjoy the sea, plus most of the floor by the owners hold, very few units available for sale, it is now high prices.

The deluxe floor of the Admiralty Far East Financial Center is about 10,800 square feet and is rented at about $ 1 million. The rent is about $ 93 a new high.

Far East Financial Center rents a new high of $ 93

B & B is also known as the high-rise F room in the North Sea Center in Wan Chai, covering an area of ​​about 1,477 square feet, about $ 15.6 million, and about $ 10,562 per square foot. Chairman of the Central Plains (Commerce and Industry) office business director Xiao Zhihao said, Jardine House, 11th Floor, 11th Floor, an area of ​​about 1,214 square feet, the intention of about 19,500 yuan, about 23.67 million yuan. Property with the lease sale, the tenant is the laboratory, the monthly lease of about 36,000 yuan.