Sham Shui Po Construction of the two buildings

Sham Shui Po District to speed up the transformation of the building, the new land (00016) and China Resources and other proposed to send the street hairbrush warehouse, Kerry Hongji warehouse, etc. to provide residential, providing 3,140, ​​even the other three development projects, The future will provide more than 10,000 supply.

Sham Shui Po near Cheung Sha Wan, northwest Kowloon reclamation area, in the past there are many warehouses and industrial buildings. With the development of the district into a residential area, many areas of the construction of industrial and commercial, warehouse developers are planning to rebuild the construction of the building, including by the Henderson (00012) in the past will Dachang Cheung Sha Wan warehouse, Rebuilt into stars, and was completed in 2009.

As for the delivery of warehouses on the 1st floor of Fat Tung Street and Kerry Hongji Warehouse (Cheung Sha Wan), No. 3, Fat Tung Street, China Resources, New Territories and Kerry, which owns the property, have been planning to redevelop more than 20 years ago, But by the land premium and other issues, it has not started reconstruction. With the recent hot property market, developers also recently raised the development program.

According to the new scheme, the project will be redeveloped at 8 times the plot. Eight buildings of 40 to 44 floors will be built with a total floor area of ​​2.041 million square feet, providing about 3,140 units with an average area of ​​only 609 square feet. Room and 3 bedroom units based.

Run hair warehouse to build 6 buildings involving 2237

Which will be built on the construction of 2 residential buildings, providing 903 groups, will focus on the construction of small units; and by the China Resources Run Run warehouse will build six residential buildings, providing 2,237 units, units The average area is about 667 square feet.

On the other side, the New World (00017) also purchased the Wyder Industrial Building in Tokyo Street for $ 650 million in 2013. At the beginning of this year, the New World (00017) completed a subsidy of $ 1.12 billion, equivalent to about $ 5,786 per square foot. To be built into a 34-storey commercial building with a total floor area of ​​about 194,000 square feet. The underground floor to the second floor is for commercial use and the upstairs is residential and about 377 small and medium sized units are now being demolished. After the completion of the foundation will be able to apply for pre-sale of uncompleted, the fastest 1 to 2 years to sell.

4 residential projects provide a total of more than 10,000 units

In addition to the positive development of private developers, the Government has also accelerated the use of government premises in the district for public housing development. The Government plans to build the Cheung Sha Wan slaughterhouse, which has been vacant for many years, into public housing estates. The project is located at the junction of Lai Chi Kok Road and Tokyo Street. The temporary golf course covers an area of ​​161,000 square feet and will be built at 7.5 times the plot. It is expected to provide 3,850 flats. The Cheung Sha Wan slaughterhouse Rebuilt into three 44 to 45-storey public housing estates, providing about 2,660 people.

More than four residential projects, which can provide more than 10,000 units, will promote the Sham Shui Po area to speed up the transformation.