If the first place in Ma Tau Wai Road is 62% off, 3.79 million on board, 450 people, the largest 2 rooms, the fastest December pre-sale

The Board of Directors of the URA has adopted the Ma Tau Wai Road/Springfield Street project in To Kwa Wan as the “First Board" pilot scheme. 450 people if the 62% off the sale of 3.788 million yuan to take off, it is expected to announce the sales details and pre-sale at the end of the year.

The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, believes that the financial situation of the URA is healthy and that the project will not be substantially eroded when it is converted to the first place. Some non-executive directors of the URA think that the resale restriction on the first placement should be tighter than that of the HOS, and the Transport Bureau said it would study it.

The URA’s Board of Directors decided yesterday to change the Ma Tau Wai Road/Springfield Development Project in the second quarter of next year. The URA’s Board of Directors decided to change the Hong Kong First Place Pilot Scheme to provide about 450 open-ended projects. The room and 2 bedroom units, ranging from 260 to 510 square feet, are for two or more families with income of 57,001 to 74,100 yuan, with an asset ceiling of 2.55 million yuan;

The current valuation of the project is about $23,500. The Government has set a discount rate of 10% to 20% lower than that of HOS flats, which is 62% to 72% off. The price is expected to be between $14,500 and $16,900. 62% off, the unit price is from 3,788,200 to 7,340,700 yuan; 72% is 4,399,200 to 8,262,200 yuan.

The URA will set the details of the application for the first placement in accordance with the Government’s main qualifications and discount rate framework. Before the pre-sale, the URA will hire an independent surveyor to assess the market value. The pre-sale will be submitted to the board of directors and the government for approval.

Chen Maobo: If 62% of the material will not eclipse

The Chairman of the URA, Mr Siu Ching-wai, said that the Ma Tau Wai Road / Chun Tin Street project was re-provisioned as the first launching pilot project to help the Government to test the concept of the first flats as early as possible. High-income families provide home buyers choices in response to their home buyers’ expectations.

The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Chan, and the Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, also attended the Board meeting of the URA yesterday but did not respond to media questions when they left.

Finance Minister Chen Maobo said on another occasion that the URA is now financially healthy. Even if the first set is sold at a 62% discount, it is expected that the Bureau will not need pitting.

Chen Maobo also said that once the URA is required to develop subsidized housing in a more active role in accordance with government policies, the Government will cooperate with the financial resources. He pointed out that the current projects of the URA are exempt from land price development and describe that the Government has subsidized more than $10 billion from public funds.

Advance ban for at least 8 years Chen Fan called research

One of the focus of the meeting fell on the first resale restrictions. The URA’s non-executive director, Mai Meijuan, believes that it is necessary to be strict. The lock-up period should be more than 5 years for HOS flats. It is recommended that it should be at least 8 or even 10 years before it can be resold freely after premiums. Otherwise, it may become a speculative tool.

Mai Meijuan hopes that the plan can help those who need to buy a home. At the meeting, she and Chen Fan made relevant opinions. She quoted the other party to express her research.

Another non-executive director, Hu Zhiwei, believes that the specific discount should mainly consider the affordability of the buyer and calculate the level of discount. It is not “the better the better."

Hu Zhiwei expects the lower the price, the more applicants will be; the greater the project discount, the more restrictive resale restrictions, such as the resale period should be longer than the homeowner.

Mr Lam Kam-fai, Chairman of the Housing Society’s Housing Policy Unit, said that if the URA had to develop more subsidised sale of flats in the future, it would be considered that the quality of the contract should be simple and the additional facilities such as luxury clubs and swimming pools should be reduced. Pull down, in order to better meet the affordability of the applicant family.