The second price is getting higher and higher. The second half of the year is reversed

The first-hand building can’t be robbed, and the second-hand building has no money to chase. Only the green meter is eligible to buy the second-market home ownership. As a result, the price is getting higher and higher. In the past six months, the average second-floor HOS transaction price was close to 5 million. yuan.

A report by Li Jiage Real Estate pointed out that the property prices of private buildings continued to rise, and the number of subsidized houses also rose. The average price of each second home market in the first half of the year was about 4.919 million yuan, the highest since 1997, and the highest since 2017. In the second half of the year, 45.32 million yuan surged 8.5%. If compared with the same period of last year, the cumulative increase in the year was 16.1%, an astonishing increase.

New housing policy to increase investment to help housing?

It is worth noting that the more successful second-home market transactions were all the first time that the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue announced the launch of a new house policy at the end of June, that is, decoupling the pricing of various subsidized homes from the market price. Before the launch of the program to calculate the applicant’s affordability. In the second half of this year, under the new housing policy, there are actually quite a few choices. Will such prospective buyers be able to grab second-floor HOS flats at a higher price, and the second-floor HOS market transactions should be reflected in the next two months.

At an average price of nearly 5 million yuan to snap up the second-market homes, or to the government to subsidize the sale of houses? For eligible persons, that is, public housing tenants or holders of Green Form Eligibility Certificates, the next half year will be a time limit. In the second half of this year, you can choose to compete for 4,400 new HOS flats, apply for about 2,500 people in Changsha Bay, and even choose 450 Hong Kong people to get on the train. In theory, they are all qualified. The total price of some units is not more than $5 million. For those who are interested in buying homes, and many of them are urban units, it is estimated that they are more attractive than the second home ownership. The second home and public housing market is believed to have a significant slowdown.

The report also mentioned that the highest value of HOS secondary market transactions in the first half of this year involved a high-rise unit with unpaid land premium in Tung Yu Court, Tsuen Wan. The saleable area of ​​the flat was about 650 square feet. The average price was 8.93 million yuan. The practical price is about 13,738 yuan, which is the highest selling price in the history and the highest price in the second market.

According to the value of the property, the three fine-numbered units with a value of $2 million to $4.99 million were all down. The value of the group with a value of $2 million to $2.99 ​​million dropped significantly. Only 19 transactions were recorded during the period. The total value of property transactions was $52 million, and the value was also significantly reduced by 57% from the second half of last year.

For the premium group of $5 million to $5.99 million and $6 million or more, it increased by 34% and 61% in the first half of the year to 172 and 148. Reflecting the upward price of second-hand private buildings, it has been mentioned that the second-hand buildings below 4 million yuan have gradually disappeared. The transaction price of the second home market has also jumped upwards. The transaction price of more than 5 million yuan has risen, and many have exceeded 6 million. Yuanguankou. The trend of bidding may be slowed down due to the release of the new subsidized housing policy.