PARK YOHO Milano is about to open next week

Yuen Long PARK YOHO Milano price in the day, the first batch of at least 108 people will attack at the market price, the next week will be released; Tsuen Wan Haizhilian. Love Hyunmei 12 gangs increase the price by 5%, and the discounted price of 28,983 yuan challenges the stratification of the region.

SHKP (00016) Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Milano price, the group’s deputy managing director Lei Wei said that the previous period of the sale of the ideal response, this time will be sold at market prices, I believe will be accepted by the buyer, the first batch will not Less than 108 people, the fastest open demonstration unit this weekend to buyers, is expected to open next week.

Cloud remittance pushes 64 groups and discounts from 6.11 million

The project provides 538 people, the type of apartment is from open to 3, and the expected completion date is April 2019. The developer opened four demonstration units to the media yesterday, including two one-bedroom and two open-plan units, with a saleable area of ​​402 and 254 square feet respectively. One of the flat-decorated demonstration units also adopted the famous furniture brand Francfranc theme. The theme of “Respect for Nature” is to create a warm home with Nordic wood and fabric furniture. Xinhan Acting General Manager Chen Hanlin said that the two listed units will be included in the first price list.

Xindi, the same phase of Baishijiao Yunhui Phase 2, announced the price list No. 4 yesterday, adding 64 units. The price list is between 7.539 million and 192.92 million. The price is between 20,825 and 24,809 yuan. The developer maintains the highest price. The discount is 19%, and the discounted price ranges from 6.107 million to 152.627 million. The developer also announced the latest sales arrangements, pushing a total of 33 groups on Saturday (28th) for sale, including 23 sets of public offerings and 10 sets of tenders for sale. The Tseung Kwan O Jin Hai II sold 30 people yesterday and immediately took out 22 groups.

Perth sells 29135 Shatin 1 room high

In addition, Changshi (01113) Tsuen Wan Sea Love. Love glamorous sales of 1,421 gang, cashing over 18.6 billion yuan, the last 15 gangs, the developer uploaded a new revised price list yesterday, will increase the price of 12 gangs, including 49 rooms and 50 floor A room units, a practical area of ​​1,162 square呎, the price list is 38,645 yuan, calculated at the highest 25% discount, and the discount is 28,983 yuan, which challenges the stratified price in the zone. On the same day, the project will upload the sales arrangement and allocate room A and B on the 8th floor of Block 5A. It will be released this Saturday (28th).

On the other hand, Shatin Persian successfully sold the B room on the 23rd floor in the form of a tender, with a unit area of ​​266 square feet and a 200 square foot platform. The transaction price was 7.75 million yuan and the price was 29,135 yuan, a new high in the price of 1 room in Shatian District. . In addition, the city’s Kai Tak No. 1 also recorded tenders for the sale. It was the first floor of the 6-seat low-rise building with a saleable area of ​​1,600 square feet. The transaction price was $39.68 million and the price was $24,800. All the transactions were subject to the register.