Causeway Bay Single Building

A mini-house in a single building in Causeway Bay, with a high price of more than 26,000 yuan, is worthy of the price of a new building on Hong Kong Island.

The above-mentioned unit is the top floor of the new Haoge Pavilion in Causeway Bay Road, with an area of 254 square feet. The principle is 2 rooms. The unit is sold at 6.78 million yuan and the price is 26,693 yuan. The original owner entered the market with 3.8 million yuan in 2012. He has changed hands for 6 years, and his book profit was 2.98 million yuan, an increase of 78%.

Xinhaoge is located next to the new building yoo Residence. It belongs to a single-family property. It is 30 years old and has a two-story interval. It has always belonged to a second-tier property.


Second, Southwest Kowloon Royal Gold. Guofeng’s open-end unit has exceeded 20,000 yuan. According to the EPRC economic real estate database, there are 6 low-rise F rooms in the housing estate with a usable area of 322 square feet, with a price of RMB 7.08 million and a price of 21,988 yuan.