Hengdi Jiucheng City two old buildings Shen Qiang auction valuation of 451 million

Developers speed up the pace of acquisitions to increase their land bank. Henderson Land (00012) is the first building of two old buildings in South Point Road, Kowloon City. It is 95% owned and has a valuation of 451 million yuan. It is estimated that the merger will be redeveloped. The building can be built up to 90,000 square feet.

In the first seven months of this year, 17 strong shots were recorded, which was a new high for the same period in the same period of the past four years. Henderson applied for a strong shot on two old buildings, 8-16A and 18-22, South Point Road, Kowloon City. The two buildings are now 54 years old. 4 to 5 storeys of high-rise commercial buildings, with a total site area of ​​approximately 7,360 square feet, which is classified as residential (Class A). The current developer has accumulated about 95% of the ownership, and the remaining 3 groups have not yet acquired, involving 3 groups of small owners.

Tsim Sha Tsui old building Shen Qiang auction valuation of 282 million

The property is valued at approximately 451 million yuan. If the building capacity of the two buildings is about 66,000 square feet, the floor price is about 6,809 yuan. However, it is understood that the developer has actually commenced mergers and acquisitions on No. 4-22 of Nam Kok Road. It is estimated that the total development site of the site will reach 90 000 square feet. There are few large commercial and residential projects in the district in recent years. It can be noted that some of the sites in the Central Plains this year will be rented for 1 yuan as a social welfare project.

In addition, the Neifang Kailongrui Fund has taken an order of 87.5% of the old building of No. 35 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The site is currently commercialized and covers an area of ​​about 3,760 square feet. It can be redeveloped for commercial or hotel development. The building can be built around 45,000 square feet, with a property valuation of nearly 282 million yuan, and the floor price is about 6,240 yuan.