Jiahui real feet 3.15 million Kai Tak new high East Kowloon within the record of four broken top turnover

(0020) Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK last round of the first round of the sale of the 130 sets of bags, set off the East nine new disk after the war, the same area Ka Wah (0173) Kai Tak Festival, and then special households to create the same area The new plate is sold at a new high-foot price record. It is located in Block B, 6th Floor, Low Block. It is available in 1216 sq.ft., with an additional 512 sq ft platform and 1281 sq ft of rooftop. The pool is located at $ 38.33 million Up to 31,521 yuan. Ming Pao reporter Lin can be

East Kowloon in the past month with four new record breaking the top of the transaction; the current Kai Tak private housing the highest price of the first two, by the Jiahui created (see table), real estate low seat 3, another practical area of ​​1225 square feet With rooftop special households, in early September to real dollars 30,694 yuan sold, the transaction price of 37.6 million yuan, once for the region a new high. It is noted that the overseas (0688) in the same area of ​​Kai Tak 1, II, tomorrow launched a low seat of the 9th floor, a group of practical area of ​​1600 square feet 4 tender, the market concerned about the price will have a new breakthrough.

OASIS Wednesday round of the provisional 500 votes over 5 times as the next round of the sale of 88 groups of 88 OASIS KAITAK, the news that the past 3 days received about 500 votes, nearly 5 times. The other 4 days to receive 360 ​​votes Poly (0119) Kai Tak, last week to an average of 21,900 yuan to expand the introduction of 120, the fastest announced today, sales arrangements; Central Plains mortgage, Meridian mortgage referral said Long Yu buyers offer the highest percentage of the property price of Bacheng; full rate H plus 1.3% (the latest published 1 month H rate of 0.42%), the upper limit of P minus 3% (P 5.25%), Another rebate up to 1.6%.

As for the construction of September so far about 24 shares of the same area in the same day Tianhuan, Friday also pushed three sets of high-seat days of the sea 1, the practical area of ​​1190 square feet of A room 4 rooms, maintaining a maximum discount of 18.5% Price from 22.9 million yuan.

(1113) May has been close to the bag of Tsuen Wan West Sea love, raid to upload new sales arrangements, Friday before the first To the first form, to sell 10 pairs of tart subscribers (5 groups of 1 households, 4 groups of 2 households, 1 group of 3 households), the maximum increase of 5%; to the total of 10 sets of the original total turnover of 80.58 million yuan, estimated Long real kill 5% involved 403 million. The minimum fee for this entry is 8 floors. The actual area of ​​370 square feet of C room 1 room, the new pricing 780.5 million (5% increase), to maintain a maximum discount of 20%, discount 624 million yuan (real $ 16,800).

In addition, the sea of ​​love. Love Hyun Mei added a tart, 5A seat 17 floor practical area of ​​820 square feet D room, the beginning of 15.13 million yuan to sell, it is estimated that buyers were killed 5% involved 750,000 yuan.

(0127) Mid-Levels West Qian Tak Road, through the tender to 294.5 million yuan, sold 12 and 15 floor duplex B room (with double parking spaces), the unit practical 4710 square feet and another 3524 square feet platform, real $ 62,500 yuan; the above-mentioned for the 12th and 15th floor of the second floor of the complex, to 360 million yuan (76 yuan), the second high transaction price