New treasure city 2 room forced 7 million transaction real estate housing high

In the case of the public housing estates and HOS flats, the Tseung Kwan O Private Housing Estate will repeat the case. Hong Kong property assistant district director Liu Haogin said that the Tseung Kwan O New Baocheng a high-rise E room, the practical area of ​​434 square feet (construction area of ​​603 square feet), is 2 rooms interval, to the southwest view of the sea, to 695 million change hands, ($ 11,526), ​​in addition to the new price of 2 new housing estates, the rate of housing prices also hit a new high. The original owners in December 2006 to 2.04 million yuan to buy, holding nearly 11 years, the book profit of 4.91 million yuan or 2.4 times.

Sheng Yue live 2 rooms 888 million real feet 17,000

In addition, one of the “West Kowloon dragons" one of Lai Chi Kok Lai Yuet Habitat, there are 2 housing prices and price per ton are similar housing 2 housing a new high. Ouyang Zhenbang, a deputy director of the Central Plains, said that the above-mentioned three very high-rise F rooms had a usable area of ​​522 square feet (687 square feet of construction area). The original price of the previous month was $ 9.5 million, or $ 620,000 or 6.5% , The final turnover of $ 8.88 million, real 17,011 yuan ($ 12,926 yuan), regardless of the transaction price and price per square foot, are the same house 2 similar housing starts.

It is reported that buyers for foreign users, the original owners in October 2003 to 2.12 million yuan to buy units, holding 14 years, the book profit of 6.76 million yuan, the unit appreciated nearly 3.2 times. Lixue this month recorded 15 transactions, more than the month of August the amount of 10 transactions.

Tai Koo City 2 room is king 1050 million put

Tai Gucheng recorded 11 transactions this month, similar to last month’s 12 transactions, including the Pixing Court in the middle of the B room, the practical area of ​​582 square feet (construction area of ​​675 square feet), 2 rooms Wang interval, To 10.5 million yuan change hands, real size 18,041 yuan, is the market price transactions. Buyers for the home, the original owner in 1998 to 4.82 million yuan to buy, book profit of 5.68 million yuan, the unit appreciated about 1.2 times.