Boutiques expand the second floor shop

Industry insiders pointed out that the number of visitors to Hong Kong, the unemployment rate remained low, are conducive to the retail industry improved in recent months, boutiques become the most active expansion of the industry, among the most prominent in the price of fashion, the main street The

Market information revealed that Shop 1, Shop 1, Ground Floor, 138-144, Mong Kok Street, Mong Kok, covers an area of ​​about 1,694 square feet, rented by a mid-range boutiques for many years. The lease is about to expire. The boutiques have reached a renewal agreement with the owners. About 400,000 yuan, $ 236 yuan.

Sai Yeung Cuisine Street Shop Rent $ 236

The industry pointed out that although the shop is not located in the Sai Yeung Choi Street pedestrian area, but located in Mong Kok center opposite, near the MTR Mong Kok station exit, the flow is quite prosperous. The most important thing is that the shop in the retail peak monthly lease of about 48 million, reflecting the renewal of the lease is about 16% adjustment, so to attract fashion rental.

Second, Jordan, Jordan Road 31 to 37 underground shop, an area of ​​about 937 square feet, originally rented by the electrical shop for many years, the end of last month by a local mid-range fashion shop rental, monthly rent 175,000 yuan, The District agency pointed out that the shop is located at the junction of Jordan Road and Temple Street, the surrounding has gathered a lot of boutiques and cosmetics stores, mainly to attract tourists business, and the shop was originally rented by the electrical store for many years, the old rent of about 230,000 yuan per month , The new rental rentals fell about 24%, close to the rental range of boutiques.

Cosmetics, luxury goods and other industries has always been supported by the number of passengers, but the mid-range boutiques can take the local route, so the rent of the shops, many of the rent is relatively flat second-line streets, such as Kwun Tong Ngau Tau Road 304 to 308 underground C, D1 shop, an area of ​​about 1,150 square feet, by the local fashion brand to rent 200,000 yuan monthly rent, foot lease about 174 yuan; second, Wan Chai Road 77 to 83 underground shop No. 1A, an area of ​​about 800 square feet, The boutiques are rented for a monthly rent of $ 150,000.

Industry insiders pointed out that from April to June the unemployment rate fell to 3.1%, a record 3 years low, to some extent support Hong Kong people’s consumer confidence, so in addition to boutiques, other clothing and clothing, footwear expansion confidence has also increased, For example, 511 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, by the women’s shoes store to 280,000 yuan to renew.

Causeway Bay thousands of feet shop 28 million renewal

The industry stressed that although the confidence of the expansion of the store increased, but the rental capacity of the boutique is not too strong, it is difficult to promote the overall rent to the good, up to only reduce the vacancy rate of second-tier shops.