Dental Clinic Demand

Dental care more diversified, not only to meet the needs of the public teeth, but also to increase the profits of dentists, in recent months on the market there are many cases of dental clinics expansion case.

Shing Kei Wan 400 foot shop rent increased by 6%

Shop 8, G / F, 28, Factory Street, Shau Kei Wan, was rented by a dental clinic in the area of ​​400 square feet. The small estate agent, which was rooted in the area for many years, rented for $ 16,300. The new rent was $ 26,000, 65 yuan, an increase of nearly 60%.

In addition, the North Point District is also linked to dental clinics to renew the case, seven sister Road 30 to 36 underground Shop C, an area of ​​350 square feet, in recent months to 50,000 yuan to renew the rent, compared with the original rent of 4.8 million yuan, while the emperor Road No. 460 to No. 470 Lot 1, Shop 7, and also received a $ 41,000 renewal for $ 40,000 for dental clinics.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong shop business director Chen Qi pointed out that in recent years, dental care technology innovation, higher profiling teeth, with dentures and other services is to introduce new technologies, so that the increase in dental profits, and leasing capacity than the general clinic, “general Clinic fees for each disease is about a few hundred dollars, the public if there is a serious illness will go to the hospital for medical treatment, so rarely appear more than a thousand dollars of the consultation, but the dental clinics of dental, tooth extraction and other treatment, consultation can be up to 5 Figures, combined with increased awareness of Hong Kong people’s teeth, have also increased the demand for dental clinics. “