W50 top with a rooftop of 25,000 new high

Huang Zhu Hang traffic to facilitate the area of commercial buildings and the price of rent are good.

Even two parking spaces 3 years appreciation of 25%

According to the Land Registry, the top floor of the Wong Chuk Hang W50 has recently been associated with rooftop units and two parking spaces to sell for $ 35.98 million. The original owners in September 2014 to 2,884.4 million purchase of the site and two 3 floor parking spaces, holding 3 years property appreciation of about 25%. It is understood that the property area of about 1,457 square feet, the average transaction price of 24,695 yuan per square foot, breaking the previous one yuan 18,600 yuan per square foot deal, creating a new high price of the tower, also hit the new index in the area of Huang Zhu Hang.

As for the rental, this year have a new completion of the completion of a building, due to relatively cheap rent, attract international institutions to lease. Fu Lao Rong family 38, Huang Zhu Hang Road commercial buildings, last year from the end of the pre-rent, until May, the building recorded a big hand rental, Ansheng Insurance lease 100,000 square feet of floor, also the largest hand rent this year, the average The rent is about $ 22 and is named after the building. The property is now named “An Sheng Hui".