Business atmosphere concentrated Huang Zhu Hang Gongxi trading increased

Hong Kong Railway to facilitate the traffic to facilitate the traffic, business atmosphere greatly improved to attract the consortium in the region into the market, large-scale deployment of industrial and commercial reconstruction.

Zhixing Xingxing building all 1.2 billion turnover

This year the market recorded a large handmade building transactions, concentrated in the Huang Zhu Hang District, a single this year, the district has recorded three more than 1 billion yuan of industrial and commercial transactions, involving the reconstruction value. Such as the old family announced earlier Zhixing Industrial Building, the whole building, won the multi-channel consortium bid, including the King Group, the market sources said the property eventually to about 1.2 billion turnover. The project covers an area of ​​about 9,100 square feet and is now a 16-storey high industrial building which was completed in 1974 and now has a gross floor area of ​​approximately 110,700 square feet. The site is planned for “other designated uses (trade) (1)), which can be developed at 15 times the plot ratio, with a maximum floor area of ​​up to about 136,500 square feet at a cost of about $ 1.2 billion per square foot Floor price of about 8,791 yuan. It is expected that developers will be redeveloped in commercial buildings in the future, subject to land premium. In addition, the activation of industrial and commercial policy is expected to re-push, so the new buyers will also be the property renovation and modification. News that the new buyers to build the group Xu family calls higher.

The most active investment Huangzhu pit consortium should be the Empire Group, twice this year, such as the market, such as 1.8 billion purchase Huangtan tunnel 63 Tianfeng Industrial Building, about 87% of the title, the project covers an area of ​​about 18,200 square feet Change the lease for commercial development, can be built 273,600 square feet, to about 1.8 billion transaction price, the floor price of about 6,579 yuan.

Empire in the region this year, 3.4 billion into the market

In addition, in March this year, the Aberdeen Aberdeen depot, No. 36, Wong Chuk Hang Road, was sold at about $ 1.56 billion, with a floor price of about $ 9,536 per square foot Hong Kong’s most expensive building floor land prices, the buyer is also the Empire Group, this year a total of nearly 3.4 billion yuan into the market, together with last October partner set letter (00083) to 2.58 billion yuan to vote Huang Chuk Hang industry Street business To the king, the region will have three major development projects.

There are also a number of industrial and commercial projects in the district are being purchased, such as Wong Chuk Hang Road on the 23rd standard center, allowed buyers bid 1.4 billion to buy, the floor price of about 13,000 yuan. The project is a single title project with a site area of ​​about 7,148 square feet. At the end of 2015, the subsidy will be 10.47 million yuan, which can be reconstructed for commercial purposes. The building can be built with a floor area of ​​about 107,000 square feet. Has been allowed to bid for buyers.

Huang Zhu Hang for the traditional industrial area, the lack of quality majia area, coupled with poor transportation, the district investment climate is not busy. Since the opening of the MTR South Island Line earlier this year, Wong Chuk Hang has only two stops away from Central and Admiralty, about 10 minutes by car, and rents are cheaper than traditional commercial areas. As a result of the new commercial land of Huangzhu Hang is limited, the consortium for the development of new commercial buildings, the need to work to build the land, the area with the reconstruction of the value of the construction site has come.