Causeway Bay are two layers of 93.82 million on sale

Commercial store market special household supply is rare, Causeway Bay Junfeng commercial building double platform units, the current total of 93.82 million yuan put the disk. Two-tier units intended to foot price, respectively, 13,500 yuan and 14,500 yuan.

A total of 6778 feet can be sold for sale

Midland Commercial Business Director Chen Jiahui said that the 3rd floor and 4th floor of the Junfeng Commercial Building are on the market. Of which the property has an area of about 4,463 square feet on the third floor and about 2,315 square feet on the fourth floor. The unit is 1,878 square feet and is a rare property in the district.

The above two-tier properties totaled $ 93.82 million for sale, of which the third floor intention price of $ 13,500, involving about $ 60.25 million. While the fourth floor of the intention of the price of 14,500 yuan per square foot, involving the amount of about 33.57 million yuan, the unit can be split or split sale.

At present, the above two units of rental income of 17 million, but the market value of about 38 yuan, at the price of intention, the new buyer’s rental rate of return of up to about 3%. In addition, the property is on the Ji Lihua wooden ball, is expected to green open landscape.