Shanghuan Shun Tak Center suction trade enterprises stationed

Sheung Wan Shun Tak Center for the district landmarks, due to the neighboring Hong Kong and Macau terminals, to attract a lot of business between China and Hong Kong and Macao frequently entered the business.

To the mainland of Macao and convenient transportation

The Shun Tak Center is located at 168 to 200, Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan. There are two office buildings, namely the West Wing Building and China Merchants Building, Shun Tak Center. The property is 41 stories tall and completed in 1985 and 1986 respectively. Which is located in the west wing of the Shun Tak Center, with a total area of ​​1,354 to 2,559 sq. Ft.. The operator can choose to use the unit for full use. The full floor area is about 23,000 square feet and is suitable for the company use. West Wing building a total of 16 passenger lifts, each layer has four lifts can be reached, effectively ease the flow of people.

The property can enjoy a variety of landscape, the north of the unit can be outside the Victoria Harbor view, the landscape open; the other side of the unit outside the city for the Central City landscape.

As the property near Hong Kong and Macau terminals, from Hong Kong and Macao to facilitate the three, so attract a lot of need to go to the two offices of enterprises, such as trading companies stationed. There are also consulates in Hong Kong, such as the Consulate General of Norway and Chile.

Set up a parking lot to facilitate business car driving access

The property base for the six-storey shopping malls, with a number of restaurants and shops, daily diet and shopping options readily available. Shopping malls connected to Sheung Wan MTR station, next to also has a bus terminal, access to traffic is very convenient. The other property also provides parking facilities to facilitate business trips. The Shun Tak Center has a pedestrian bridge connecting the major areas of Upper Ring Road.

According to statistics, the Sheung Wan District this year has recorded 123 transactions in office transactions, has exceeded the level of the first three quarters of last year, the first three quarters of last year, the Central District recorded a total of about 94 office transactions, an increase of 3 percent, reflecting the market Demand for Shanghuan Commercial Building is strong. (00480) sold for about 750 million yuan to the 22nd floor of the China Merchants Tower, 22 square feet of China Merchants Center, an area of ​​about 24,200 square feet, up to 30,000 yuan per square foot.

On the leasing side, the Shun Tak Center was also active. Last month, about 3 transactions were recorded. The latest one was the high-level 04, with an area of ​​1,400 sq ft and rented for $ 91,000.