The property market has stopped falling? CSI index reported at 54.24 points

The property market has stopped falling? CSI index reported at 54.24 points

The CSI’s latest CSI index was 54.24 points, up 4.86 points from last week’s 49.37 points. This week, CSI rose above 50 points, and the Central Plains believes that this is a harbinger of the end of property price adjustment. If CSI continues to stabilize above 50 points in the next few weeks, the property price will be confirmed to end the adjustment before and after the New Year, CCL will stop falling and stabilize.

Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Department, said that CSI ended at 4 o’clock for 4 consecutive weeks, and challenged the lower limit of 45 points for the second time. After CSI successfully rose above the 45-point level, CSI did not turn around last week and continued to move up to 50 points. This week, the CSI exceeded the 50-point level and was approaching the upper limit of 55 points. If the CSI breaks through 45 important points, 50 points and 55 points, it may indicate that the property price will end the adjustment.

Kaihui adds vitality to the property market

8 weeks ago, Xinzhi Kaixuan in Kwun Tong injected new impetus into the property market. CSI immediately challenged 45 points for the first time, but returned to the 40-point level and stayed near 40 points for 4 consecutive weeks, with a maximum of 41.95. Point, the lowest 40.23 points. After the PBOC announced the RRR cut, CSI immediately challenged the 45-point contend, and rose from 40.23 points to 42.4 points to 54.24 points, which rose 14.01 points. The CCL trend will change from a losing streak to a downward trend.

The Central Plains Broker Index CSI is a survey of Zhongyuan Real Estate’s frontline brokers. It is held on Mondays and announced on Wednesday to collect brokers’ expectations for the market conditions of the week. 100 points are completely good, 0 points are completely dim, and 50 points are good or bleak boundaries.