Yiyi Bay 8 two-bedroom household near Minqing

Yiyi Bay 8 two-bedroom household near Minqing

The Spring Festival holiday is approaching, developers seem to want to “complete the goods for a good year." However, the overall market is now showing an increase in price. The new Panyu Bay 8 under the letter (083) was finally put on sale. As of 3 pm yesterday, 174 of the 228 partners had been selected and cashed over 1.33 billion yuan, of which the two-bedroom units were close to Qing.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of Xinhe Real Estate Sales Department, said that three groups of buyers bought two groups. The largest buyer bought 21.576 million yuan and purchased two 3A middle-floor A-room three-bedroom households with a price of 13,849 yuan. Two garden-specific households have also been sold, including 3C underground B room, with a practical area of ​​664 square feet, a platform area of ​​361 square feet, a transaction price of 12.40 million yuan, and a price of 18,685 yuan, which is a relatively high level of the project. Letter and Vice Chairman Huang Yongguang believes that the first round of unit pricing is attractive, and then there will be an opportunity to increase the price.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of the residential division of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the company’s customer attendance rate is about 60% to 70%, mainly for households, accounting for more than 70%, and investors account for nearly 30%. He continued that many investors are concerned that the project is close to the Science Park and that the rental returns will be guaranteed in the future. The two-bedroom units are rare in the Baishijiao District. He also predicted that the market would have a special liking for this type of apartment. As for the 3 yuan households with a silver code of more than 10 million yuan, they have more choices in the same district and have greater competition.

January to date, the new 1700

Developers have seized the Lunar New Year’s schedule. This month, the number of transactions in 1470 has been recorded. It is expected to increase to about 1,700 today. It is expected to record about 2,200 this month, the highest since March last year. Second-hand, it is estimated that about 3,500 cases will be recorded this month, and the price will rise. The overall property price in the first quarter is about 5%. The CCL has recorded a 3% decline from the year-to-date. It is expected that CCL will fall to about 168 points. Find support, it is expected that the volume will increase and the quantity will change.

In addition, Cai Hongxing, chief executive officer of Huaying Group, said that some of the recent projects have been sold at close to the market price, so the sales speed is relatively fast, and the project even increases the price. These can reflect the degree of market acceptance, and also believe that the current market demand is still large, and social funds are abundant. I believe that even if property prices fall, the number of negative assets will not be too much.