Last year, the industrial and commercial shop turnover was the highest in the history of 160.2 billion

Last year, the industrial and commercial shop turnover was the highest in the history of 160.2 billion.

Lijiage Industrial and Commercial Store published a review and outlook report, summarizing the overall performance of the industrial and commercial pavilion market last year, the overall performance of industrial and commercial property transactions in the year exceeded 9000 for the first time in 5 years, a total of 9217 cases were recorded. Compared with the 8972 in 2017, it has slightly increased by 3%. It has achieved a six-year high since the double-label tax (DSD) in 2013 for two consecutive years, reflecting the continued improvement of the market last year. The annual transaction registration amount was almost the same as that of 2017’s 160.459 billion yuan, recording 160.27 billion yuan, down only 0.1%, the third highest in 1996.

Li Yingge (Industry and Commerce) Real Estate Director Huang Yingnian said that the three major areas of industrial and commercial shops were mixed. The number of transactions in industrial buildings was the highest, accounting for 5608 cases, accounting for 61% of the total. In the registration of the top ten valuable industrial buildings in the past year, the registration of the whole building of the Yongnan Warehouse Building in Tsuen Wan was the most eye-catching, involving a total amount of nearly 2.163 billion yuan. Other projects including the 2nd phase of Kwun Tong Yee Fat Industrial Building, involving nearly $1.622 billion, and the registration of various units in the ground floor of the Qiaoxin Factory Building in the same district to the 6th floor also involved nearly 1.583 billion yuan. Occupy the second and third expensive seats in the list.

The performance of commercial buildings was relatively stable. The number of transactions fell slightly by 4% year-on-year. However, under the stimulation of two huge internal transfer transactions, the amount of commercial investment rose 71% year-on-year, accounting for 46% of the total amount. In terms of shop, performance was more eclipsed. The number dropped by 12% year-on-year, and the amount fell by 38% from the previous year.

Dawan District Planning and Promotion of Industry and Commerce Shop

Looking forward to 2019, Huang Yingnian believes that the industry and commerce market is good and the factors are coexisting. He pointed out that this year’s Sino-US trade war continued, and it is difficult to resolve the dispute in the short term. The Mainland and the Hong Kong economy are affected by it. There is a slowing trend. The long-term low unemployment rate in Hong Kong may be shaken. The global situation and the economic situation in Hong Kong will affect the market sentiment of the industrial and commercial shops this year.

However, several factors are also conducive to the development of the market. Hong Kong is included in the planning of the Tai Wan District. Hong Kong has a huge potential for development. It is expected to attract a lot of Chinese and foreign investment in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong section of the High Speed ​​Rail and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opened last year. This year, it will continue to attract a large number of visitors to Hong Kong, which will benefit retail stores. In addition, more details of the activation of the industrial building were introduced, which is conducive to large-scale industrial and commercial mergers and acquisitions. In addition, when asked about this year’s expansion arrangements, Huang Yingnian said that the target of this year’s industrial and commercial shop will increase by 100. The overall manpower will increase to 300, mainly in the category of shops.