Xindi’s 11.2 billion won the Kaide’s land price, and the total investment is expected to reach 20 billion

Xindi’s 11.2 billion won the Kaide’s land price, and the total investment is expected to reach 20 billion.

No. 3, No. 3, Zone 4C, Kai Tak’s original runway was acquired by Sun Hung Kai Properties (016). The winning bid price was 11.26 billion yuan, equivalent to a land price of 17,360 yuan per floor. SHKP defeated consortiums including Wheelock (020), Henderson Land (012) and China Overseas (688). The winning bid price was between 10.4 billion and 13 billion yuan in the market, which was in line with market expectations. The site has a full-dimensional port view and is the highest quality of the four Kai Tak runway sites. The market is also concerned that the Government will disclose the price of other consortiums.

According to the announcement of the Lands Department, the winning bidder is Huarong (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and the parent company is Xindi. The bid price is the highest of 6 bids. This Kai Tak site intercepted the tender on Friday and received a total of 6 tenders. In addition to Xindi, Cheung Kong (1113), Kerry Properties (683), Jianye Investment and Jiahua International (173) and the letter (083) The consortium was also involved in the bidding. Among them, six developers of Wheelock (020), Chinachem, New World (017), Hengdi (012), China Overseas (688) and Imperial Group also entered into the joint venture last time.

The information shows that the site of the Kai Tak Road Area, No. 3, Area 4C, is the site of the New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 6551. It is also the first front tender of the Victoria Harbour Sea Area in the area. The site was designated for non-industrial use with a site area of ​​approximately 117,900 square feet and a maximum floor area of ​​648,600 square feet. The land was awarded with a total of 11.26 billion yuan, and the land price per floor was 17.36 million yuan, which was the first land in the runway area. Compared with the previous site of the runway area No. 2 in Area 4B, which was acquired by China Overseas, the land was granted at a price of RMB 135,000 per trip, and the price was 28.4% higher.

SHK has two sites in Kai Tak

The Deputy Managing Director of SHKP, Lei Wei, responded that the Group is very pleased to be re-invested in Kai Tak Land. This site is the best residential area in the runway area. It is believed that the Government will invest heavily in infrastructure. The development of Kai Tak District is very optimistic about the development of Kai Tak and describes the prospects of the district as “very good". In terms of the amount of investment, he expects the Group to invest about 20 billion yuan in development projects, which will build a landmark seafront luxury home, which will enjoy sea views in the future.

SHKP is not the first time to invest in Kai Tak Land. In May last year, SHKP invested in the No. 1 site of Kai Tak District 1F with a high price of 25.16 billion yuan. It not only created a new land price in the area, but also broke the territory record and became the new land king. , inciting for a while.

Lin Haowen, Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Counseling at Knight Frank, said that the site has a full view of the Victoria Harbour and the “Fireworks". It is expected that the project will be the Kai Tak Edition of the Sea Breeze. He estimates that each sale will be at least 30,000 yuan or more after completion. The land transaction price of this time also has an indicator effect on the land price of other land in the runway area.

At the same time, Zhang Jingda, a surveyor of the Central Plains Survey, said that the super consortium of six major developers has been bidding. I believe that the developer’s bid is a test of the water temperature, because there are several high-quality front rows of the runway yet to be launched; Whether the business is bearish on the market outlook is too early to say. Later, the Lands Department will disclose other prices to make judgments. It is not excluded that the sub-standards and the winning bids are only “selling horses".