Yonglun  Blue Chip House 3 people set 37.5 million

Yonglun  Blue Chip House 3 people set 37.5 million

The Wing Lung Group has cashed in three properties in the blue-chip housing estates, with a cash flow of $37.5 million. Among them, Lam Tin Ligang City’s three-bedroom homes are worth 9.91 million yuan, a slightly higher estimate of 2%.

Laguna City 3 rooms 9.91 million high valuation 2%

According to the EPRC economic real estate database, the three properties that the Yonglun Group sold in February included the middle floor H room of 17 Lam Tin Ligang City, with a usable area of ​​748 square feet, 3 rooms separated, and the transaction price was 9.91 million yuan. The price is 13,249 yuan. Yonglun purchased the unit for 2.43 million yuan in 1992, holding goods for 27 years, and the property appreciated three times.

As the property market improves, the selling price is slightly higher than the bank’s valuation, reflecting that the Yonglun Group is not in a hurry to sell units. The two major banks in the above-mentioned units are valued at 9.59 million yuan and 9.7 million yuan respectively, that is, the transaction price is estimated at a minimum of 2.2%.

Haiyi 871呎 Zero negotiated price of 15 million

Among the listed properties, the Ap Lei Chau South Horizons has the largest amount, and the 22nd low-rise H-room of the estate has a saleable area of ​​871 square feet. It is sold at $15 million under zero bargaining. The practical price is $17,222, compared with 1994. The purchase price was 3.62 million yuan, which was 3 times higher.

The agent pointed out that there are still 3 units in the estate, including 7 high-rise rooms B, with a saleable area of ​​748 square feet, with a price of 14.3 million yuan, an earlier price of 13 million yuan, an increase of about 10%. .

Secondly, last month, the Group took out a low-rise E-room of 5 blocks of Huangpu Garden in Hung Hom with a total area of ​​833 square feet, with a transaction price of 12.6 million yuan and a practical price of 15,126 yuan.