The three mixed battles in the urban area have been collected in the past weekend

The three mixed battles in the urban area have been collected in the past weekend. The New World (00017) and the Urban Renewal Authority have developed the most popular market in To Kwa Wan. In the past two days (16 and 17), the number of tickets has risen and accumulated. More than 1,600 tickets were issued. The developer also pushed 100 people on Sunday (17th). The average price was 18,825 yuan, a slight increase of 2.9% compared with the first price list. The increase was restrained. The price of individual units was as high as 21,197 yuan. Create a new high in the project. The project is planned to be re-launched in the short term, and there is a chance to push a total of 294 people for sale this week. Hongan Real Estate (01243) led the development of Yantang, Taiwan, which received the first ticket in the past Saturday (16th). A total of 320 votes were recorded in two days, over 3.8 times overtake; together with Henderson Land (00012), the above-mentioned A total of 2,370 tickets were received in three sets, and the market funds were frozen at 237 million yuan.

The last price list was released on Wednesday (13th), involving 80 groups. The average price of the discount was about 18,301 yuan. The shop is located at the sales office of Discovery Park Shopping Centre in Tsuen Wan. In the past two days, there have been long queues of shops and shops. The developers said that they have recorded more than 3,000 visitors. On Sunday, they also pushed 100 people to join the market. The practical area is 283 to 386 square meters. The discounted price is 4.629 million to 80.53 million yuan. The average price is 18,825 yuan, which is 2.9% higher than the first batch. Many units of the project have broken through the price of 20,000 yuan, including the A2 room on the 31st floor, the practical area of ​​299 square feet, the discounted price of 6.338 million yuan, and the high price of 21,197 yuan, the new high for the project.

3.8 times slower heat

Huang Haoxian, director of the New World Development Business and Marketing Department, said that the project was very satisfactory. The group considered to re-launch about 100 gangs in the short term. The fastest sale this week, 80% of the current votes are young customers, 20% For investors. He said that in recent years, a number of new discs have been sold. Due to the different districts and size of the units, they cannot be directly compared. However, each district has its own source of customers and is not worried about competing. He revealed that after the sale of the syllabus, the sale and deployment of the project No. 74, Wanda Road, Ho Man Tin, will be launched immediately.

According to the news, the company has temporarily received more than 1600 votes as of 8:00 last night. The first two price lists are calculated by a total of 180 people, and the purchase price is 7.9 times. Located at No. 68, Kowloon City Road, the company has a total of 294 groups, with a saleable area of ​​283 to 386 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021.

Hongan Real Estate’s Yantang, Taiwan, has collected tickets on the first day of Saturday. In the sales office of One Kowloon in Kowloon Bay in the past two days, members of the public have been present. It is reported that the cumulative number of visitors in Fujian and Taiwan reached 2,500. Vulgar. In the first price list issued by Fujian and Taiwan for the three mixed battles in the urban area, the average discounted price is the lowest. However, due to the larger unit area, the entrance fee is relatively higher, and the discount is also the most flat, which is also 7.688 million yuan. Slowly, the market said that about 320 tickets were recorded in the past two days to launch the first price list of 66 people, over 3.8 times. Located at No. 8 Chongshan Street and No. 15 Sishan Street, there are 326 groups in Fujian and Taiwan, with a practical area of ​​456 to 1838 square meters. The first 66 sets of price lists are worth 17578 yuan. It is expected to enter the end of October next year.

Henderson Land will launch a second round of sales of 148 people tomorrow (19th). According to market news, the property is temporarily closed for about 450 votes, over 2 times, and it is closed at noon today.

Kai’an 148 households today, the second round of sales

A total of 551 gangs, with a usable area of ​​170 to 425 square meters, are located at No. 63 Matouwei Road. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021. Based on this calculation, the aforementioned three sets received a total of about 2,370 votes, freezing the market capital of 237 million yuan.