Blue Pool proud second-hand open fast, a room of 6.82 million

Blue Pool proud second-hand open fast, a room of 6.82 million

The second-hand property market turned hot, and some owners were afraid of “hot tricks" and paid taxes to leave the market. The first-hand second-hand deal was recorded in Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, which was occupied last year. A low-rise one-bedroom household changed hands with $6.82 million. The original owner had to pay additional stamp duty but still earned more than $1.5 million.

Zhong Jin Real Estate Deputy Division Sales Manager Wu Jinji said that Lantang Ao 6 low-rise H room, 388 square meters of practical area, sold for 6.82 million yuan, the price of about 17577 yuan, is the first second-hand transaction of the estate. It is reported that the original owner bought the unit with 4.613 million yuan in October 2016, earning 2.207 million yuan (about 47.8%); because the holding of goods is less than 3 years, it is necessary to pay 10% of the SSD, which is about 682,000 yuan. However, after deducting SSD, it still earned about 1.525 million yuan.

In the Tseung Kwan O Plaza, which is about 16 years old, the property price is also upward. Hong Kong Property Assistant Divisional Director Liu Haoqin pointed out that the E-room of the middle and lower floors of Block 7 of Tseung Kwan O Plaza has a usable area of ​​459 square feet. The two rooms are separated and recently changed hands by 7.8 million yuan. The price is about 16,993 yuan. It is reported that the original owner of the unit bought in May 2009 for about 2.563 million yuan, and the book profit was about 5.237 million yuan (about 2 times).

Liu Haoqin revealed that the original owner was released in the middle of 2017 with a price of 7.5 million yuan. In February last year, the asking price had risen to 8 million yuan, and the property market was adjusted back. The asking price dropped back to 7.5 million yuan at the end of last year. Recently, the asking price was increased. The unit sold at 7.8 million yuan is about 4% higher than the original price. The low-rise G room and two-bedroom households with the same floor area of ​​442 square meters were sold in January this year for 6.98 million yuan. The practical price was 15,792 yuan, meaning that the price of the price rose by about 7.6% in only about two months.

Ten major housing estates 16 transactions

For the ten major housing estates, the Central Plains Estates pointed out that 16 transactions were recorded in the top ten housing estates in the past two days (16 and 17), which was reduced by 4 per week. However, more than 10 top ten estates were recorded in five consecutive weekends. Zhang Guangyao, senior business manager of the bank, said that the C-room of the middle and upper floors of the Qitian Pavilion in Taikoo City, Quarry Bay, has a usable area of ​​797 square meters, and the three rooms are separated by a total of 18.2 million yuan. The price is about 22,836 yuan. It is understood that the unit was bought by the original owner in March 1997 with a price of 7.5 million yuan, earning a profit of 10.7 million yuan (about 1.4 times). According to the data, Room B, which is about 4 stories high, has the same area and spacing. In April last year, it changed hands with 16 million yuan, and the latest transaction cost was 13.8% higher.

In the past two days, Midland Properties recorded 15 top ten housing transactions, an increase of one week, and more than 10 transactions for five consecutive weekends. Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, pointed out that the property market has resumed its upward trend, developers have accelerated the sale of new orders, and the second-hand market has also increased in price. However, the source price has been decreasing, and the owners are optimistic about the market and narrowing the bargaining price. Space, some housing estates have been missing, and it is expected that the purchasing power will continue to be released, and the second-hand market will have no shortage of high-priced transactions.