Blue Pool proud first recorded second-hand 1 house 6.82 million

Blue Pool proud first recorded second-hand 1 house 6.82 million

The first half of the trading was recorded. The first-hand second-hand trading was recorded in Tseung Kwan O Lan Tung. The first tenant was sold for $6.82 million. The owner paid 10% additional stamp duty and still earned $1.525 million. Yuen Long Ying Yu also recorded the first additional stamp duty. (SSD) expired second-hand transactions, the passengers on the car 5.8 million yuan to undertake a one-bedroom unit.

Less than 3 years of holding goods, tax deduction still earns 1.52 million

Wu Jinji, director of the senior division of the third branch of Tianjin Tseung Kwan O, said that the unit is a low-rise H-room of 6 blocks in Lantang Ao, with a usable area of ​​388 square feet, which is a one-bedroom interval. The order was placed in January this year. The original price was 7.3 million yuan. After the bargaining price, it was changed to 6.82 million yuan, the price was reduced by 480,000 yuan, the decrease was 6.5%, and the practical price was 17,577 yuan.

The original owner purchased it in April 2016 for 4.613 million yuan. The holding of the goods was less than 3 years. The transfer fee was 10% additional stamp duty, which was 682,000 yuan. After deducting the tax, the book profit was about 1.525 million yuan.

In addition, Zhang Guocheng, assistant regional manager of the United States Yuen Long Lan Ping Station Branch, said that the first additional stamp duty of Ying Yu recorded expired in second-hand transactions. The unit is 2 middle-floor J rooms, 1 room interval, 394 square feet of usable area, and enjoy the opening of the city. view.

Outside area for the landlord 5.8 million to buy Ying Yu 1 room

The original owner sold for about 5.9 million yuan. After the bargaining price of 100,000 yuan, the two parties sold it for 5.8 million yuan. The average selling price of the utility area was 14,721 yuan. In 2016, the original owner purchased the unit for about 4.25 million yuan. After the goods were sold for 3 years, the profit of the book was 1.55 million yuan, and the unit value was increased by 36.5%. The new buyer was a foreigner.