Half-mountain nickname sells 29 million

Half-mountain nickname sells 29 million.

The second-hand residential property market is mad again. He Wentian Banshan No. 1 Middle-level unit bought before the financial tsunami in 2008, just sold out for 29 million yuan, which is more than 3 months more than the similar units on the upper floor. “Four Balls", the original industry hosted goods for about 11 years and earned more than 60%. The Lai Chi Kok Mei Foo New Village also has a financial tsunami touch top price reduction owner, the property price is 1.5 times higher than the current year.

According to market news, the above-mentioned semi-mountain squad is the middle-level household of No. 31, Banshan Trail, with a practical area of ​​1252 square feet and 3 rooms. The original owner purchased 17.796 million yuan before the financial tsunami in May 2008. In February, it was sold at 30 million yuan. It was just reduced to 29 million yuan. The price was 23,163 yuan. It was calculated at the market price of about 11 years ago. The book earned 11.004 million yuan (about 61.1%).

Looking up the information of the registration office, the 13-storey high-rise building on the upper floor has the same area and the landscape is more open. In January this year, it was sold for 24.83 million yuan, only one season apart. The downstairs unit sold for 4.17 million yuan. 16.8%).

Mobil tsunami touches the cargo 11.45 million liters 1.5 times

Meifu New Village also recorded a deal before the financial tsunami. Hong Kong Property Manager Lin Guixin pointed out that a person surnamed Zhou bought a total of 4.55 million yuan in May 2008 to purchase a high-rise room A, No. 83, Broadway Street, Meifu New Village, with a practical area of ​​869 square meters and 3 households. In the month, the unit was put on sale at 12 million yuan. Recently, the buyer negotiated a price of 11.45 million yuan, and the price was 13176 yuan. The property price rose by 6.9 million yuan (about 1.5 times) compared with the current purchase price.

The luxury house continued to increase in price. The news pointed out that Room A, the high-rise room of Rose Villa, No. 9 Majixianxia Road, Mid-Levels, has a practical area of ​​2235 square meters. It was sold for 95 million yuan, and the price was 42506 yuan. The property price and the price of the house created the mansion. new highs. The original owner purchased it for 60 million yuan in 2010, earning 35 million yuan (about 58.3%).

Mid-Levels Rose Villa 95 million double broken top

The high price of the property and the high price of the luxury property was created by the “gold medal securities analyst" Lu Dong in the same floor unit of the same floor B room which was sold in April last year for 86.5 million yuan, meaning that it was about one year apart. Was pushed up about 9.8%.

In addition, Xie Baozhao, the director of Century 21 Liancheng Business, said that the first floor of the Yiyi Pavilion, Block D, Luanyuan, Lantian, has a practical area of ​​650 square meters. The original plan is 3 square meters. The original owner sold less than 1 yuan for 7.8 million yuan. In the month, it was reduced to an unpaid land price of $7.55 million, and the price was 11,615 yuan. It broke the record of the uncompleted land price of the home in the same district from the upper floor of the first floor of the same room. The price of the price has not reached the new high. The original owner entered the market with an unpaid land price of 3.95 million yuan in 2012, and the book value increased by 3.6 million yuan.