Causeway Bay shop rental increase, rent is low

In terms of rentals, the rental of shops in Causeway Bay has increased slightly in recent days, and rents are still at a low level.

The basement of Jardine’s Square, Zhuo Yue 700,000 re-lease

According to the news, Bonjour (00653) rented a basement of No. 5 Jardine’s Square at a monthly rent of 700,000 yuan, covering an area of about 800 square feet and renting 875 yuan. The property is located in the unilateral floor of the junction of Jardine’s Square and Qichao Road.

It is reported that Bonjour has been renting the shop for many years. Since 2005, it has rented the shop. The initial monthly rent was 438,000 yuan, and its subsequent rent was twice. The monthly lease fee signed in the peak period of 2014 was 2 million yuan. The lease ended in August last year, and Bonjour did not renew the lease and now returns to the lot.

In addition, the ground floor of 66 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, covers an area of about 942 square feet. The former tenant is a telecommunications operator with a monthly rent of 400,000. The shop is newly rented to a short-term rental shop with a monthly rent of 160,000. The lease period is until the beginning of 2019. The rent is about 450,000, which is less than 60%.