Mid-Levels West yoo 18 BONHAM “First stay and pay"

The new homes have been recorded in the new market. The yoo 18 BONHAM project in the Western Mid-Levels has launched a new “YOO 1001 Night Stay and Pay Plan". The transaction period is 1,002 days, which is about 2.7 years.

The transaction period is up to 1002 days

The Mid-Levels West Luxury Project yoo 18 BONHAM has sold two groups so far, with a cash equivalent of about 267 million yuan. Among them, this month recorded 29 and 30-floor duplex units with an area of ​​2,499 square feet, with a turnover of 140 million yuan, and a price of 56,022 yuan, which is the new transaction price and the highest price.

Top three-unit unit bidding

The developers saw that the project was trading at an ideal price. In addition, the same district was also sold at $189 million. The price of the flat was $80,580. Therefore, the top three-complex unit tender was launched with a unit area of ​​3,721 square feet. The intention price was earlier than that. 60,000 yuan, raised to 72,000 yuan, an increase of 20%.

At the same time, the project will also add a “first move and pay" plan. The purchaser will have to pay a property price of 5% at the time of tendering. When the formal sale and purchase agreement is made, the property price will be paid at 5% for the deposit. The property price will be 90% after the tender is accepted. The payment was made on the 1,002 day and the turnover period was 2.7 years. It is the second long-term transaction in the long-term new project.

In addition, the “Early Cash Rebate Offer" and the “Early Stay Offer" will be provided. After the buyer pays 10% of the property price and 5% of the property price, the unit can be accommodated in advance. In addition, the transaction amount will be paid in advance from 180 days to 720 days after the tender is accepted, and the property price will be 2% to 5% of the property price as a cash rebate.