Leighton Hill parking space 4.2 million high

The parking space at Leighton Hill in Happy Valley was $4.2 million, and the price of the car in the estate was a new high.

The above is the single parking space on the 1st floor of the housing estate. The new buyer enters the market under the name of Fucheng (Holdings) Co., Ltd., and all the directors are persons surnamed Zhang. The parking spaces at Leighton Hill are rare. The above transactions are the first independent car parking transactions in this year. The previous transaction was traced back to January 2015, when the parking price was 4 million yuan.

Secondly, the price of new parking spaces has risen. For example, the single-slot parking space on the B-story of Sha Tin in Sha Tin has been changed three times in the past three years. The latest price is 3.9 million yuan. Compared with the purchase price of 1.65 million yuan in 2016, the value of the vehicle is 2.25 million yuan. The amplitude is 1.4 times. In addition, the car was launched in 2015 by the developer for 1.35 million yuan, which is the value of the past three years, 1.9 times.