Consortium 290 million to buy 12 old buildings in the West Mid-Levels

The old building, No. 94-96, Robinson Road, Mid-Levels West, has recorded 10 residential and two shop transactions, involving 288 million yuan, which is expected to be acquired by the consortium.

According to the EPRC economic real estate database, the transaction price of the residential unit was from 22 million yuan to 26,733,000 yuan, and the price was from 22,900 yuan to 28,800 yuan. The transaction includes Room B on the 3rd floor, with a saleable area of 959 square feet. The original owner purchased it for 8 million yuan in 2010. It is now acquired for 22 million yuan. The value of the goods increased by 14 million yuan in 1.8 years, 1.8 times. The other two underground bunks were also sold at 18.65 million and 269.775 million yuan respectively.

The new buyer is Weicheng Investment Co., Ltd., and the company’s directors include Pan Jichang and Huang Wei, who have repeatedly represented developers on acquisitions. In addition, another company held by the above two people also bought 42 groups of Emerald Garden at 105 Robinson Road, Western Mid-Levels this year for $1.6 billion.