Wanchai Kay Hing House on the Haunted House Floor 3 Rentals

Urban rents are in short supply, and the murderous floor is also sought after. Market News Wanchai Jiahuixuan has recorded three sinister homes for rent, and the rental price is the market price.

350呎 open households rent 51 yuan

According to the agent in the district, the super high-rise of Jiahuixuan in Wanchai had a life case many years ago and was regarded as a murderous floor by the industry. This floor is a one-bedroom unit with a practical area of ​​408 square feet. It was rented out at a total price of 28,000 yuan a day ago, and it is rented for 69 yuan, which is a market price level. The agent means that the unit is relatively far away from the murderous unit, so the tenant does not mind renting at the market price level.

Secondly, an open-plan unit with a usable area of ​​350 square feet was rented out at a monthly rent of 18,000 yuan. The lease was about 51 yuan, and the market price was about 10%. The agent refers to the unit that is close to the accident unit and thus affects the rental value. The room was rented out at 19,000 yuan as early as 2013, reflecting the return of rent to the level of 5 years ago. However, the owner bought the unit for $7.2 million five years ago and the rental return is still 3%.

As for other regions, Yuan Yixian, a director of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that the low-rise Room C of Block S, Tuen Mun, has a usable area of ​​486 square feet, which is a two-room interval. It was just rented out at $14,500 and rented 30 yuan. The owner purchased it in 2016 for about 5.916 million yuan and the rental return was about 2.9%. The tenants are mainland tourists. Due to their working relationship, they often travel on both sides of China and Hong Kong. They decided to stay in Hong Kong.