The entrants are flooded

The property price has been adjusted downwards and the rent has been adjusted. Some renters have to reduce the renter’s rent. The rent of a 2 bedroom home in Sha Tin City has fallen below 11,000 yuan. The rent of 2 flats in Tuen Mun New Tuen Mun Centre has been reduced by 1,000. Yuan; another Olympic station Kaifanxuan a 2 bedroom home rent reduced by 2,000 yuan, rented out for 21,000 yuan.

The above-mentioned rent fell below 11,000 yuan in the first city of Shatian as a low-rise 2-bedroom household. The original price was 12,500,000 yuan, and the final rent was reduced by 1,900 yuan. It was rented out at 10,600 yuan, a decrease of about 15%. The rent was a low in recent years and returned. Last year’s water level. It is understood that in October, the rent of 2 households in the first city of Sha Tin ranged from 12,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan. Currently, there are about 60 2-bedroom rents in the market, which is ample. The asking price ranges from 11,500 yuan to 16,000 yuan. . In the middle of this year, there was a two-bedroom transaction with a high rent of 15,000 yuan. In just a few months, the rent gap was more than 4,000 yuan. The frontline agent said that the property price would fall and the rent would be adjusted simultaneously.

Market resale for rent increase

In another case, a 2-bedroom household in the Tuen Mun Centre was rented two months ago. The rent was $115,000. The rent was reduced by $1,000 to $10.50 million. The rent of similar units was about $12,000 a month ago.

In the past two or three months, property prices have fallen. The cost of individual units has fallen back to a certain level before a certain month. Some sellers do not want to sell their units at a low price. They prefer to resell the units for rent, resulting in a slight increase in market rents.

In addition, there are still a number of new discs queued to close the building, rents are flooding the market, and rents are inevitably added. In other words, prospective tenants may wish to be bold with the charter public, and even have the opportunity to rent a newly hired unit at a low price to enjoy the taste of the new building.