Xinpugang Industrial Building Haidehui The original price pushed the last 9

Emperor Real Estate Managing Director Zhao Shihao’s Sanpugang Haidehui Industrial Building dismantling project, the original price of the project to push the last 9 gang, admission fee of about 2.92 million yuan.

Zhao Shihao said that Haidehui has been selling well since May this year. 46 units have already sold 37 groups. The original 9 units are now available at the original price, ranging from 367 to 702 square feet. Some units enjoy sea views and the entrance fee is about 292. Starting from 10,000 yuan, the cheapest price is A08 room, the area is about 446 square feet, the price is 3.516 million yuan, and the price is about 7,883 yuan. If the project is sold in full, it is expected to cash out about 140 million yuan.

For the market outlook, Zhao Shihao believes that property prices may be adjusted in the short term, but only psychological factors, the adjustment of property prices is not high.