Sheung Wan Commercial Building near Sheung Wan, Sheung Wan, Low Water User

The commercial buildings in the area around Sheung Wan are relatively old, attracting many users in the early years. Among them, the Suhang Commercial Building is dominated by long-term users, and it is closer to the MTR station.

The Suhang Commercial Building in Sheung Wan is located in Suhang Street and was completed in 1983. It is about 35 years old. The project has a 13-storey building with a lobby opening and a lift lobby. There are two lifts in the lift lobby that lead to all levels of the property.

Column position on the wall side

The building is mainly used by users, many of which are trade companies that have been stationed in the early years. Therefore, most companies use units in full-scale form, ranging from more than 2,000 to more than 4,000 square feet. The unit is rectangular in design, and the spacing is convenient for the office equipment. In addition, the indoor column is located at the wall. The industry can also divide the small office in the unit. The space is quite obvious.

If the whole floor is used, most companies will put the restroom into the unit, and the privacy will be higher. Due to the small number of property floors, the outside of the unit is mostly located in the area around the ring, but it is still open.

When the district is undergoing transformation, the essay entrepreneurs are stationed.

The building floor is now a bank, which is convenient for business operations. The Suzhou-Hangzhou Street area is undergoing a transformation. Many new restaurants and small shops are stationed, bringing new atmosphere to the area and attracting many creative and cultural industries. It is believed that the business districts with smaller areas will be driven.

As far as transportation is concerned, the project is adjacent to the MTR station on the Sheung Wan and it takes about 5 minutes to walk. There are also a number of bus routes nearby leading to Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories. From the project to the Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal, it is only about 10 minutes’ walk. It is a geographical advantage for the trade industry that often travels between Hong Kong and Macao.

Referring to the transaction in the same district, a full-floor middle-rise unit of Henglong Building, with a total area of ​​2,650 square feet, was sold at 36.8 million yuan in July this year, with a price of 13,887 yuan. The Suzhou-Hangzhou Commercial Building is mainly based on long-term owners. At present, only one unit for sale is recorded. The intention price is about 12,972 yuan, which is still the low-water choice for similar units in the region.

For the rental business, the lower-rise unit of Dongcheng Commercial Building in the same district has an area of ​​about 2,403 square feet and is rented out at a monthly rent of 57,672 yuan. At present, one unit of the project is about to be leased out, and the intention is to rent about 24 yuan.