Regional malls are highly defensive

The investment sentiment has weakened, while the regional shopping malls are relatively defensive and the rental income is relatively stable. It is still expected to attract capital inflows.

In the past month, the overall investment sentiment in the property market has weakened, and the market lacked large-scale transactions. Compared with the multi-billion-dollar transactions in the first half of the year, the transaction has slowed down significantly in recent months. Recently, the biggest deal was that Fengtai Real Estate had invested 3.38 billion yuan last month to purchase the Ao Nang shopping mall in Tseung Kwan O from Wheelock Properties. The property comprises MONTEREY at 23 Tang Chun Street, CAPRI at 33 Tang Yin Street and pedestal shopping mall at SAVANNAH at No. 3 Zhi Shan Street. The total floor area is about 308,400 square feet and the price is about 10,960 yuan.

The exhibition sells 12 shopping malls, involving more than 120,000 baht

In addition, the Link Exhibition (00823) launched 12 tenders for shopping malls. It is reported that the tenders have been closed recently. The shopping mall projects include the Lidong Village Shopping Mall in Ap Lei Chau, Qin Shi Village in Sha Tin and Hong Hui Centre in Wang Tau Hom Estate. Jingcun Shopping Mall covers an area of ​​approximately 12,140 square feet with 638 parking spaces. It is understood that the tender has been awarded by the multi-channel consortium, including the base capital of the over-the-counter shopping mall with over 20 billion yuan last year, and the Blackstone Fund has also entered the bid.

The developer sells the regional shopping malls. Savills said that it was commissioned to sell two shopping malls. The properties are owned by Shun Hong (00083) and MTR (00066). . Tianfeng and Fo Tan Yulongshan Shopping Center, closed on December 17.

Silver Lake. Tianfeng was completed in 2009. The sale of properties involves the underground and first floor shops. The underground area is approximately 12,757 square feet. The first floor area is approximately 39,536 square feet. The total floor area is approximately 52,293 square feet. The underground tenants include Wanning and Supermarket. The first floor is rented by kindergartens. The monthly rental income is about 1.79 million yuan. The property intention price is about 750 million yuan, and the price is about 14,342 yuan. The other sale property is the ground floor and 2nd floor of Yulongshan Shopping Mall. The underground area is about 21,959 square feet. The second floor area is about 6,812 square feet, which is about 28,771 square feet. The underground tenants include many real estate agents, everyone, etc. A total of about 2 million yuan, the intention price of about 850 million yuan, the total market value of the two properties is about 1.6 billion yuan.

The market for people’s livelihood has a return rate of over 3%

According to the analysis, due to the weakening of the overall investment sentiment, the market is worried about the impact of Sino-US trade wars and interest rate upwards, and large-scale trading has been significantly reduced. In terms of retail investment, retail rents in the core areas are still low, and there is no sign of rebound. . In contrast, people’s livelihood consumption is still stable, regional shopping malls have a high occupancy rate, and annual rents are recorded as moderate increases. The rate of return is generally high, reaching 3 to 4% or more. The defensiveness is high, so it is expected to be in the market. Still paying attention to the consortium, it is expected to become a focus of investment in the short term.