Huixian No.1 • Fengfeng

In the commercial market, the recent new sales are not bad, such as Tuen Mun Activation Commercial Building Huixian No.1. The peak has been on sale for a while, and 32 people have been cashed in for 100 million yuan.

Short-term push about 100 guys or increase fare

Shengyu Group and Jiayuan International (02768) cooperated to develop the Tuen Mun Revitalization Building Huixian No.1. Peak last week, the first batch of 22 people, the most flat price is only about 5,834 yuan, while the highest price is about 10,000 yuan, the admission fee is about 3.42 million yuan. The project temporarily sold 32 office units, and the cash-out was over 100 million yuan. Deng Yaosheng, chairman of the Shengyu Group, said that about 100 people will be pushed in the short-term and there will be room for price increase.

In terms of price, the first batch of the lowest and highest price are quite different. The lowest price is 1 room on the 13th floor, with an area of ​​694 square feet, priced at 4.049 million yuan, and the price is only about 5,834 yuan. As for the price of the highest price of 20 rooms on the 20th floor, the area is 694 square feet, the price is 7.723 million yuan, and the price is 10,004 yuan.