Yun Erlu: Mei Song Yuan proposes to catch a cage to catch wild monkeys

Earlier, residents of Meisongyuan put a short film of monkeys stealing food into the house to release the net, which aroused the attention of the authorities. According to Legislative Councillor Ge Lanfan, the AFCD intends to place cages for animal trappings in the Meicheng Garden to trap monkeys with food and then return them to the mountains to prevent nuisance to the residents. Catching, sterilizing and returning are long-term tasks. It is reported that there are about 1,700 wild monkeys in Hong Kong and about 80% of them have been sterilized. Some local residents reported that they had thrown fruit and fed wild monkeys. Ge urged people not to feed and avoid attracting monkeys to “downhill”.

#Ji Xiaofeng #One-eyed Hong Kong #One-eyed Xiangjiang – Yuner’s Record: Meisong Court intends to set a trap to catch wild monkeys