Aberdeen Nanhu Utility 189  Nanjin • Ying Bank 3.526 mil entrance

Hong Kong’s new market conditions have continued to flourish and many developers have launched new products. However, the market is polarized. It is not the “on-board” where the entry threshold is low, or the “king of characteristics” that is extremely high on the threshold. Henderson (012) Aberdeen brand new Pannanjin • Ying Bank started yesterday and the discounted selling price of the unit was RMB 3.526 million. This is the flattest area of ​​Hong Kong Island’s new market in recent years; the mere saleable area is only 189 sq. ft., worthy of a name. “Nanhu".

the first price tag for Nanjin • Ying Bank was affiliated with 50 groups. The price was “low-lying.” Today, the registration and opening of the show units is being considered and further consideration is being given, but the price is not excluded. There is 5% upside. Among the 50 groups mentioned above, the saleable area ranges from 189 to 265 sq. ft., with open and one-bedroom rooms at a price ranging from 3.636 million to 5.827 million yuan, and the price of 19238 to 25701 yuan. Henderson’s highest discount is only 3%, with a discounted selling price of about 3.526 million to 5.652 million yuan. The discounted price is about 18661 to 24,930 yuan. According to the information provided by the agency, the current price of the second-hand housing estate in the same district is about 17,700 yuan. 21,700 yuan.

the price is based on the market price. Entrance fee is the lowest in Hong Kong Island in recent years. As the project provides a large number of open-plan flats, a lot of property prices will be selected within 4 million yuan. I believe that it will attract many on-board users and investment customers, each with a ratio of half; after the completion, it will cost as much as 70 yuan. It is expected that the rental return will be 4 PCT or more. He also predicted that developers will make good use of the Easter holiday (ie, March 30 to April 2) to sell new chips during prime time.

Wei Gang Singing Linhai Building Wang Tender

a new set of “Kaigang Song” in North Point has finalized the six units of the Linhai Building for sale on a tender basis on Friday (23rd). The tender was closed on the 29th of this month. He also pointed out that there is no guideline price for bidding, because the unit is the best overall building unit, so it is a sub-sales unit that can effectively challenge the record price of 53,500 yuan.

As for sales, Huang Sicong said that on Monday, the new 6th price list was added, involving 18 groups, together with the 10 groups that had been previously priced, and all units planned to be sold on a first-come-first-served basis had all offered a price. The sale of the project has been involving 344 people, accounting for more than 90% of the total, with over 11.7 billion in cash.