Hang Seng to purchase 255 million Daweipu

Shop D, Shop D, Tai On Building, 41-51 Tai Wai Tsuen Road South, Ding Yip, newly changed hands for $255 million. The buyer is Hang Seng Bank (00011) or the relevant person.

Tai’an Building, underground D shop with loft, underground building area of ​​3,000 square meters, attic construction area of ​​1500 square feet, a total of 4,500 square feet, the price of about 57,000 yuan. The new buyer is IMENSON LIMITED. The company’s directors include LEUNG CHEUK YEE EUNICE and TANG CHEE PING WILSON. Liang Yiyi is currently the chief operating officer of Hang Seng Bank and Deng Ziping is the head of the insurance business of the bank. At present, the site is rented by the restaurant, with a monthly rent of 500,000 yuan. The rent period is August this year. The original owner bought it for 2.5 million yuan in October 1978. He held goods for nearly 40 years, and the book made a profit of 252.5 million yuan, a 101-fold increase.

Li Genxing, the founder and chief executive of Shenghui Commercial Bank, said that the two shops in Jordan and Yuen Long were sold in a series, totaling 29 million yuan and a total of 8.22 million yuan in book value. The ground floor of No. 188 Temple Street in Jordan has a construction area of ​​800 square feet. It was changed to 16.5 million yuan and the price was over 20,000 yuan. The shop was purchased in July 2016 for 11.78 million yuan, with a profit of 4.72 million yuan.

Another shop is Shop 23, G/F, Ho Shun King Building, No. 3, Fung Yi Street South, Yuen Long. The building area is 280 sq. ft., which is sold for 12.5 million yuan, and the price is about 45,000 yuan. The shop was purchased in March 2017 at a cost of RMB 9 million. It held a profit of RMB 3.5 million for a one-year holding period and appreciated 38.9%.